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Please take the time to visit and enjoy our affiliates.


A meme dedicated to DC animated canons, from Batman Beyond to Justice League Unlimited to Under The Red Hood and more. All DC animated shows and straight-to-DVD movies are welcome.


A writing community that encourages you to create stories in an hour with regular prompts. As well as DCU, all fandoms are welcome.


A meme dedicated to the new Green Lantern Animated Series.


A weekly writing challenge open to all comic-based fandoms, including their tv, movie or game spin-offs, for fics of no more than 500 words.

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  • The Robincest Meme 2012 Fill-A-Thon

    ♥ Steph/Jason. Steph pegging Jason, fucking him hard and fast with a strap-on. - FILL: Hands, Knees, Eggplant by…

  • News & Updates

    The Robincest Meme Fill-A-Thon is officially over! Thank you so much to everybody who participated, either creating fills or cheering others on.…

  • News & Updates

    Hey everyone, it's the last day of The Robincest Meme Fill-A-Thon! Because we all live in different timezones, I'll be drawing up the masterlist of…

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