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01 August 2011 @ 12:06 am
Canon Recs & Resources  
With the DCU Universe being spread out over so many titles and, let’s face it, so many decades, trying to keep track of all that canon can be exhausting.

This post is designed to make things a little easier, but it needs your help!

Is there a particular storyline that you think is a defining moment for a character featured in a DCU-Memes prompt post?

Has reading about a specific pairing in a DCU-Memes prompt post got you hungering to see them in action together and you need recommendations on which title to start with?

Is there a certain series that isn’t connected with any current DCU-Memes prompt posts but you think it’s awesome and want to share it with the world?

Post your questions and suggestions here!

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DCU Memesdcu_memes on August 1st, 2011 04:50 pm (UTC)
Tim and Kon's first meeting
Tim and Kon officially met for the first time during Superboy/Robin WF3: World's Finest Three, a two issue special.

Metallo shows up in Gotham while Batman is away. Tim, quite rightly, realises that somebody who can take on Superman is a bit beyond Robin's capabilities. When he can't reach Clark, he figures Superboy will be the next best thing. Even if he does have to resort to blackmailing Rex Leech, Kon's agent, just to get Superboy to show.

When Kon finally gets his ass to Gotham, Tim quite literally falls into his arms.

Together they take down Metallo (managing to destroy a good chunk of Gotham real estate in the process). Unfortunately, Poison Ivy has been watching and Kon's attempts to save a greenhouse full of plants have pleased her.

Boom, Kon is under Ivy's control, just like that. He whisks her off to Hawaii to live happily ever after. Tim has no choice but to follow, but he takes insurance - Bruce's Kryptonite ring. When Kon, at Ivy's command, starts beating the crap out of Tim, he slips on the ring and turns the tables.

Ivy and Metallo, who isn't as defeated as Tim and Kon hoped and followed them to Hawaii, use the opportunity to attack. It's Metallo vs. Tim and Ivy vs. Kon (who's still sick from the kryptonite) but somehow they manage to take down the bad guys and keep each other from dying.

After the big final battle, the two say their goodbyes.

And a beautiful friendship is born!

It's a cute story and I'd highly recommend tracking it down.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on August 8th, 2011 01:56 pm (UTC)
Tim's Early Career (Pre-Robin)
Tim Drake's first ongoing solo series had the distinction of being the second-longest running comic book series to feature a teenage character. But before anybody looking to read up on Tim's history dives into that title, I have a few recommendations they should check out first. This isn't a comprehensive list of all his appearances prior to landing his ongoing series, but it does give new fans or older fans wanting to relive Tim's adventures a solid starting ground. Feel free to skip each synopsis if you don't want to be spoiled.

A Lonely Place Of Dying
Batman 440New Titans 60Batman 441New Titans 61Batman 442

Tim's origin story. Which is basically that Tim is a highly adept stalker. He's been following Batman unnoticed for several years and has realised that Bruce has been acting increasingly erratic since Jason's death. Sensing that Bruce is teetering on the edge, he contacts Dick, admitting he knows all about his secret identity and begging him to return to Bruce's side. Bruce and Dick form an uneasy truce, but are captured by Two-Face. Tim dons the Robin costume and, with Alfred's help, performs a shaky rescue.

Rite Of Passage
Detective Comics 618Detective Comics 619Detective Comics 620Detective Comics 621

Although Tim is now part of the team, he works exclusively from the Batcave and its computers. His parents go missing on one of their many international trips and Bruce discovers they've been kidnapped in Haiti and are being held to ransom. If the kidnappers are not paid, the Drakes will become the focus of a sacrificial ritual. Bruce races to Haiti in hopes of saving them.

A Hero Reborn
Batman 455Batman 456Batman 457

Tim wants to officially become Robin, but Bruce won't allow him to wear the costume, telling him he isn't ready. Bruce goes to patrol alone, but Tim realises he's walking into a trap set by the Scarecrow. Batman is captured and Tim goes to his rescue, although he leaves the Robin costume in the Batcave. He takes down the hired thugs and fights off a dose of fear toxin to disable Scarecrow. Afterwards, Bruce tells him he's finally ready and presents him with a brand new Robin costume (with tights instead of shortpants!)
DCU Memesdcu_memes on August 8th, 2011 02:00 pm (UTC)
Tim's Early Career (As Robin)
Robin I
Robin 1Robin 2Robin 3Robin 4Robin 5

Bruce tells Tim that to become his partner, Tim must travel the world and gain experience from the great martial arts masters. First stop is Paris, where Tim is enrolled in a school specialising in a specific art of fighting. Tim meets Lynx of the Ghost Dragons, who'll become part of his rogues gallery for quite some time. More worryingly, Tim meets Lady Shiva, who offers to train him to help her take down King Snake, a crime lord.

Robin II
Robin 1Robin 2Robin 3Robin 4

Tim goes up against the Joker! Although the Joker is initially shocked to be fighting somebody he killed, he eventually realises Tim is a different Robin than Jason and later claims dibs on being the one to murder Tim. Unfortunately, Bruce is out of town, so Tim concocts a plan, with Alfred's help, to fool the Joker into believing Batman is still in Gotham so Joker won't go on a rampage. It doesn't exactly work out the way he planned.

Robin III
Robin 1Robin 2Robin 3Robin 4Robin 5Robin 6

Tim meets Ariana, future love interest, when her family's business is being attacked by thugs. Despite his father telling him to stay home and Bruce telling him to temporarily stay off the streets, Tim sneaks out as Robin to watch over Ariana's home. He ends up facing down KGBeast and the Ghost Dragons until Huntress saves him. He and the Huntress agree to work together. Meanwhile, Tim's father and his school councillors are suspicious about how much time Tim spends at Wayne Manor and the bruises he returns with.


This was a big Gotham-wide event, which launched Tim's ongoing solo title. Although Tim isn't in every issue (and there are a lot of issues involved), it's an iconic Batman event for a reason and it does show how unstable Gotham is when Tim's solo title begins. After releasing the inmates of Arkham Asylum, Bane watches Bruce become more and more exhausted, until he's satisfied that Bruce is close to an emotional breakdown. He attacks Bruce at Wayne Manor and breaks his spine. Bruce hands the mantle of the Bat over to Jean-Paul Valley, aka Azrael, but Jean-Paul soon begins to lose his grip on reality, eventually lashing out and hurting Tim, who is forced to begin working solo. Meanwhile, Tim's father has been kidnapped (again) and Alfred and a still-recovering Bruce set out to rescue him.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on October 13th, 2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
Tim And Kon As Teammates (Young Justice)
Tim and Kon have a long history of working together - almost as long as Kon's been alive! After their first meeting, they tended to bicker through their team-ups, although they obviously still counted each other as friends, and over time that friendship bloomed into one of the sweetest bromances in the DCU. This is a rough timeline of their career as team-mates.

Young Justice: Secret

Tim and Kon find themselves teaming up with Bart when a mysterious being known as The Secret is on the loose. Except it soon turns into a rescue mission when they realise she's just a girl in trouble. Secret joins them when they form Young Justice shortly after. As was often the case with their earlier appearances together, Tim and Kon spend a lot of time arguing over should be giving orders and who should be following them, as well as trying to deal with the challenge of working with Bart (Kon even admits they're likely to end up being Bart's parents, to which Tim makes it clear that Kon's the mother).

JLA: World Without Grown-Ups

A young boy suddenly finds himself in possession of vast power and splits the Earth into two worlds - one with only the adults and one with only the children. While the Justice League on the adult-Earth try to figure out why all the children have seemingly disappeared, Tim, Kon and Bart join forces to keep the kid-Earth safe. After some accidental teamwork and Bart's unique way of thinking, the Earths are recombined. Once order is restored, they decide to start their own official team, with Tim even getting praise from Bruce over how well they worked together in a crisis.

Young Justice

Joined by Cassie, Cissie and Secret and eventually several more young heroes, Tim, Kon and Bart struggle with saving the world while being looked down upon as less than reliable. Their young ages and the insistence from the adult heroes that they're incapable of being responsible forms the basis of a major crossover event, Young Justice: Sins Of Youth. Tim and Kon continue their traditional of butting heads over who should be leading the team in battle (although Sins Of Youth reveals that not all was what it seemed) but their friendship with each other and with the rest of the team grows into something deeper and more earnest over time.

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

After the huge battle that ended the Young Justice run, this sees the team disbanded on a low note. Young Justice and the Titans wind up fighting the same enemy, and the Titans blame Young Justice's impulsive actions for the fight not ending well. Tim takes this very hard, since it's Dick's team they foul up in front of, and Kon's there to try and console him. Further trouble leads to the introduction of a new ongoing character but also the deaths of two much-loved heroes. Young Justice part ways upset and angry.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on October 13th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
Tim And Kon As Teammates (Teen Titans)
Teen Titans

With Vic, Gar and Kory acting as mentors, Tim, Kon, Bart and Cassie come back together as the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans. This title is infamous for being Grim Dark, especially compared to the more light-hearted tone of Young Justice, and there are significant changes to the characters within the first story arc. Bart is determined to leave his Impulse image behind, Cassie begins changing from level-headed leader to somebody powered by anger and emotion (literally, in the case of her new lasso) and Tim and Kon are officially established as the BFFs we all knew they were when Kon automatically turns to Tim when confronted with bad news. There are a lot of changes for Kon - he's given the Conner Kent identity by Clark and moves to Smallville to live as Clark's cousin and he learns that his other genetic donor is Lex Luthor. This storyline comes to a head in the crossover Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders, where Luthor takes control of Kon and makes him attack the Teen Titans.

Infinite Crisis

Still avoiding the Teen Titans after his Luthor-controlled rampage, Kon is viciously attacked by Superboy-Prime. The Teen Titans and a whole slew of other heroes come to his aid and Bart manages to take Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force, temporarily stopping him. Kon's badly injured, but once he's recovered he joins Dick and together they travel to the Arctic to destroy the tower being used to create countless different parallel Earths. Superboy-Prime, who has escaped the Speed Force, attacks again and severely wounds Kon. Kon throws himself at Superboy-Prime, flying them through the tower and destroying it, thus saving the world. But he's fatally injured and dies in Cassie's arms, with Tim arriving shortly after to find his best friend dead.

Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds

After several unsuccessful attempts at cloning Kon and an equally failed attempt at dating Cassie, Kon's ex-girlfriend, over in Teen Titans, Tim begins to move on and there's little Tim/Kon action beyond the occasional mention of his lost best friend. Then comes Final Crisis, and specifically the Legion Of 3 Worlds storyline, where both Kon and Bart (who was killed shortly after Infinite Crisis) are resurrected.

Adventure Comics

Kon adjusts to being alive again, while exploring the idea that his genetic donors are Superman and Lex Luthor and what that means about his own nature. There are several sweet Young Justice/Teen Titans reunion moments, with issue 3 being devoted to him catching up with Tim. Bruce Wayne seemingly died during Final Crisis but Tim is convinced that isn't true and, having not been able to convince the remaining Batfamily of his theories, is investigating on his own. Kon believes him unconditionally and confesses his own mission to determine if he's more Clark or more Lex.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on October 13th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
Tim And Kon As Teammates (Buyer's Guide 1)
Unfortunately, a lot of Tim and Kon's early careers, both individually and as a team, aren't collected as trades, and the little that is collected is out of print. The following collect several key storylines from the Young Justice era (League Of Their Own contains the first few issues, I believe) but I'm only including these links for reference - I would not recommend paying some of these prices. Try eBay or second-hand bookstores. I've found Sins Of Youth at a library, so never say never! (Both JLA: World Without Grown-Ups and Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day are collected in other, more recent titles.)

JLA: World Without Grown-Ups
Young Justice: A League Of Their Own
Young Justice: Sins Of Youth
Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

There is some good news, however. The new Young Justice tv show may not be connected to the comics bearing the same name, but it has inspired DC to release several Young Justice specials collecting key stories. These all came out in the past 12 months, so finding back-issues should be much easier and cheaper than finding the out-of-print trades.

DC Presents Young Justice 1
DC Presents Young Justice 2
DC Presents Young Justice 3

In comparison, most of the Teen Titans run has been collected in trades (although DC, as ever, lag severely behind in how long it takes them to get those trades out). A full list of trades and the issues they contain can be found here, although for Tim/Kon shippers I'd recommend the following...

A Kid's Game
The first trade from this run of Teen Titans, it establishes the new version of the team, and has Kon and Tim investigating whether Luthor is really Kon's genetic donor, a secret the two of them keep for quite some time.
The Insiders
A crossover with the Outsiders, where Luthor uses Kon to attack the Teen Titans. Although not, perhaps, an essential Tim/Kon title, this is a significant arc for Kon.
The Death and Return of Donna Troy
Another crossover with the Outsiders. Included here because it collects Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day in a book that's still in print.
Life And Death
This collects the issues of Infinite Crisis relevant to Kon's story, meaning you don't have to read the whole crossover event (which can be confusing, since it splits its focus between between pretty much every character in the DCU). Corresponding issues from Teen Titans and Robin are also included.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on October 13th, 2011 07:19 pm (UTC)
Tim And Kon As Teammates (Buyer's Guide 2)
Besides these team books, there are few more titles (both individual issues and collected trades) that feature Tim and Kon working together.

World's Finest 3
As featured in the first comment on this post. I've yet to find these 2 issues in any comic book shop I've visited, but that doesn't mean they're not still out there.
Superboy 85
Although this issue revolves around Kon's first encounter with Cass Cain, it starts with some laugh-out-loud banter between Kon and Tim. Kon is quite adamant in his belief that the entire Batfamily should talk like they just stepped out of Adam West's Batman tv show.
Robin: Tales Of Fire And Madness
The story will probably make more sense if you read the entire trade, but the Tim/Kon interaction is all in issue 141, when Tim asks Kon to pose as Robin to help maintain his secret identity. More banter, more of Kon abusing the word "chum".
Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds
I wouldn't call this essential, since Kon is only featured towards the end, but it does show his resurrection for those wishing to read it.
Superboy: Boy Of Steel Collecting the relevant stories from Adventure Comics after Kon's return. You could choose to only buy issue 3, which is the most Tim/Kon heavy issue, but I'd highly recommend going for the entire book if you're a Kon fan.
Red Robin: Collision
After Final Crisis, the Robin identity was passed to Damian Wayne and Tim became Red Robin. This is the second trade from the Red Robin title, which as a whole is extremely enjoyable, but if you're looking for individual issues then check out issue 9 where Kon visits Gotham and there's some adorable Tim/Kon hugging.
♥ On The Shoulders Of Titans - Not yet collected in trade, this two-part storyline consists of Red Robin 20 and Teen Titans 92. Tim works with the Teen Titans for the first time since Kon and Bart's return, having to deal with Damian also being on the team. There's a lovely Teen Titans group hug and Kon gushing about how Tim will always be his Robin.

This isn't a comprehensive list of their interactions, but it should give potential readers a starting point and a guide to what's actually available to buy.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on December 3rd, 2011 06:45 pm (UTC)
Kate Kane (Buyer's Guide)
Kate Kane: Essential Reading

While Kate has appeared either as a cameo or a featured character in several other titles, such as Batman, Inc., these are the books I think showcase her most important storylines and would recommend to readers who are new to the character and want to know more about her.

Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4

I'm in two minds about recommending this title. On the one hand, it's an excellent read. On the other hand, it splits its attention between a huge number of characters, with particular focus being on minor/less recognisable characters, so it could be intimidating or confusing for newer readers. (Although you'll probably find yourself falling in love with characters you previously knew little about.) It does feature Kate's introduction to the DCU as Batwoman, and her story is deeply entangled with Renee Montoya's arc. Although I haven't been able to find a list of the issues that feature Kate and Renee, I'd recommend Googling 'DC 52 remix' and looking for results that focus on The Question's storyline.

Batwoman: Elegy

While the rest of the Gotham titles were dealing with the fallout of Batman: R.I.P. and Final Crisis and the roster changes it caused to the Batfamily, Detective Comics chose to step back and focus entirely on Kate's return as Batwoman. After ending 52 badly injured, Kate's smarter and stronger than ever. The issues here take an already interesting character and flesh her out with a fascinating backstory and motivation. This book also happens to be absolutely gorgeous and I'd highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.


Kate now has her own solo series. The preview issue (issue 0) was released in January 2011, but the series was then continuously delayed until September, when it became one of the New 52. It already has a strong following and is one of my personal faves from the relaunch. Knowing DC, it'll probably be a long time before we start to see this collected in trades, but with only a handful of issues released so far finding back-issues shouldn't be too difficult.
DCU Memesdcu_memes on December 4th, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
Power Girl & Terra (Buyer's Guide)
Power Girl & Terra: Essential Reading

These books all feature Power Girl and Terra (otherwise known as Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr and Atlee) interacting and working together. So it's not a comprehensive list of everywhere the characters have appeared, especially since Power Girl has been a player in the DCU for decades and has a history so convoluted it rivals Donna Troy's backstory (which is really saying something). But it does provide a guide for readers interested in the sweet friendship these characters share.


This showcases Atlee's introduction to the DCU as Terra and her first meeting with Power Girl. She also gets to meet and fight alongside Geo-Force, whose sister last carried the codename of Terra. It's established that Atlee was literally born and raised underground, and it's Power Girl she turns to when she needs help acclimatising to life above-ground.

Power Girl: A New Beginning

This solo series sees Power Girl trying to establish a side of her life that doesn't revolve around punching things in the face. Of course, it's Power Girl, so the ass-kicking is still inevitable. Terra joins her to take on Ultra-Humanite and a tentacle monster, as well a trip to the cinema where it's established Atlee does not enjoy horror films!

Power Girl: Aliens & Apes

This volume sees Power Girl having to fend off the attention of a would-be space Lothario and a teenage boy looking to blackmail her with her secret identity. It also sees Terra beginning to act strangely, which it turns out is connected to Ultra-Humanite's revenge for the defeat he previously suffered at their hands.

After this the creative team that worked on these books leave the Power Girl title, and Atlee vanishes from the book with them. It still remains a fun read, though, so if you enjoy these books I'd recommend checking out the rest of the series.