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01 August 2011 @ 12:06 am
Canon Recs & Resources  
With the DCU Universe being spread out over so many titles and, let’s face it, so many decades, trying to keep track of all that canon can be exhausting.

This post is designed to make things a little easier, but it needs your help!

Is there a particular storyline that you think is a defining moment for a character featured in a DCU-Memes prompt post?

Has reading about a specific pairing in a DCU-Memes prompt post got you hungering to see them in action together and you need recommendations on which title to start with?

Is there a certain series that isn’t connected with any current DCU-Memes prompt posts but you think it’s awesome and want to share it with the world?

Post your questions and suggestions here!

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DCU Memesdcu_memes on August 1st, 2011 04:50 pm (UTC)
Tim and Kon's first meeting
Tim and Kon officially met for the first time during Superboy/Robin WF3: World's Finest Three, a two issue special.

Metallo shows up in Gotham while Batman is away. Tim, quite rightly, realises that somebody who can take on Superman is a bit beyond Robin's capabilities. When he can't reach Clark, he figures Superboy will be the next best thing. Even if he does have to resort to blackmailing Rex Leech, Kon's agent, just to get Superboy to show.

When Kon finally gets his ass to Gotham, Tim quite literally falls into his arms.

Together they take down Metallo (managing to destroy a good chunk of Gotham real estate in the process). Unfortunately, Poison Ivy has been watching and Kon's attempts to save a greenhouse full of plants have pleased her.

Boom, Kon is under Ivy's control, just like that. He whisks her off to Hawaii to live happily ever after. Tim has no choice but to follow, but he takes insurance - Bruce's Kryptonite ring. When Kon, at Ivy's command, starts beating the crap out of Tim, he slips on the ring and turns the tables.

Ivy and Metallo, who isn't as defeated as Tim and Kon hoped and followed them to Hawaii, use the opportunity to attack. It's Metallo vs. Tim and Ivy vs. Kon (who's still sick from the kryptonite) but somehow they manage to take down the bad guys and keep each other from dying.

After the big final battle, the two say their goodbyes.

And a beautiful friendship is born!

It's a cute story and I'd highly recommend tracking it down.