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The poll to decide February's prompt post is officially closed! It was a close race - every single one of the options spent time in the lead, and the most popular at any given moment was never more than two votes ahead of the runner-up. But the votes are all counted, and it's time to announce the winner!

The Arrow Family Meme!

This will be the meme for all your Arrow needs! Any prompts relating to Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Dinah Lance, Lian Harper, Connor Hawke and Mia Dearden are welcome. Shipping prompts don't have to be Arrow/Arrow - they can be Arrow/any other character. Gen prompts focusing on one or more Arrows are also welcome. As long as your prompt or fill prominently features a member of the Arrow family, it will be good to go!

The new prompt post will go live tomorrow evening, so start dreaming up prompts!

Thank you so much everybody who voted. And don't worry if your favourite didn't win this time - there'll be an opportunity to vote for it again in future polls. ♥

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