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Prompt Masterlist - The Arrow Family Meme

The Arrow Family Meme
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The Arrow Family Meme
Unfilled Prompts
Listed in chronological order. Recreated here as summaries - click to see the full prompt.
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Roy/Dick. Getting drunk together on Redheaded Sluts.
Dinah/Ivy/Starling. Starling takes her two girlfriends out on the town for her kind of fun.
Connor/Roy. Stalkery little brother, Connor had that scrapbook filled with magazine pages of Ollie and Roy.
Roy, Mia. "I could really do without pictures of your asses in my inbox. That said, I'm extremely jealous that I wasn't involved."
Dinah Lance/Oliver Queen. Love and marriage.
Roy/Jason/Kory. Jason joins the Outsiders. Their original DCU versions interacting, rather than the DCnU Outlaws.
Jason Todd/Connor Hawke. "Chance meetings."
Roy, Lian. Roy and Lian visit a Disney theme park! There are sugar rushes, rollercoasters, and giant mice!
Oliver Queen/Hal Jordan. Cheap motel rooms, cheap whiskey and cheap promises.
Roy/Connor. Connor didn't intend for anything to happen, never ever, but he let Roy talk him into it, like a fool.
Mia, Guy Gardner. He wasn't the GL she counted on showing up when she asked for help but she wasn't complaining.
Arrow family. Every month Oliver breaks out The Adventures of Robin Hood. Roy and Mia swap it for Men in Tights.
Connor/Roy. Angry sex on top of Ollie's grave.
Dinah/Ollie. Femdom, Queen on his knees and Dinah with a strap-on dildo.
Roy/Anyone, Lian. Roy and his partner's attempts at "quality time" are interrupted by Lian for family cuddle time.
Roy Harper/Tim Drake. The kid needs to lighten up. Roy has a few ideas on how to fix that.
Renee Montoya/Roy Harper. Renee dominating Roy with a dildo (don't mind it's handheld or a strap-on).
Mia, Cissie. The Teen Titans introduce Mia to Cissie, Olympic archer and former Arrowette. The two hit it off instantly.
Connor Hawke/Kyle Rayner. Connor joins Kyle on his road trip cross-country to find Kyle's father.
Roy. Roy dragging himself back after the 1996 Readiness to Die oneshot, and other people's reactions to his ordeal.
Connor, Tim. Tim had his photos of Batman and Robin. Connor had his scrapbook of Ollie. They bond over old hobbies.
Connor, Mia. They wake to find themselves floating a stark white limbo. They cannot find their way home.
Kyle/Connor. Getting carried away in a semi-public place. (A bar, the street, the JL Watchtower?)
Connor/Tim. Kissing under a rain of arrows.
Roy. Some people will sink to any low to get their next high. Captured and tortured, Roy will do anything to avoid one.
Roy/Ollie. Sex in a public place. The more outrageous and bold the location, the better.
Roy/Ollie. Roy and Ollie have sex, while someone watches, without their knowledge. Whoever it is has conflicting emotions.
Mia. Someone waking Mia from a nightmare about her past, or what she's seen as a hero. Hurt/comfort, Mia angsting.
Arrows, Dick. The Arrows going out spider-hunting after Roy finds out what Tarantula did to Dick.
Roy/Joey. After Titans, Roy and Joey trying to pick up what remained of their lives and starting over together.
Damian/Connor. Connor is Damian's type. Damian in quiet awe or with a little crush on Connor. Damian being a fanboy!
Roy. An in-character rewrite of the events of Rise Of Arsenal, where Dick and Dinah don't drop Roy.
Connor, Ollie. Connor in his coma, Oliver is taking care of him. Daily routine of reading to him, bathing him, feeding him.
Roy/Dick. "All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time."
Roy, Mia. In the DCnU, Mia is still around. After her bad experience with Jason, she's worried about Roy's new friend.
Damian/Lian. One day, Damian wakes up and finds that Lian is now the cutest thing in the world. He decides to court her.
Ollie/Lois/Clark. Smallville. It should exist.
Dinah/Ollie. First DCnU meeting, Dinah rescues Ollie, he suggests being partners-against-crime, epic romance follows.
Roy/Dick/Tim. Established Roy/Dick. Roy knows Dick and Tim like each other. He decides to seduce Tim into a threeway.
Roy/Tim. Tim asks Roy to join him in an undercover mission. Roy's a little surprised but he's not complaining.
Tim/Connor. Sweet, loving, figure-it-out-as-we-go-along virgin sex.
Roy/Connor. When it comes to romance and sex, Connor's inexperienced. Roy isn't. Roy shows Connor his moves.
Roy/Dick. Roy waking Dick up in the morning with sex.
Roy/Kon. Anything!
Kaldur/Roy. Young Justice animated, Kaldur tops Roy and Roy loses his mind over how good it feels.
Roy/any. Character of anon's choice either fisting Roy or being fisted by Roy.
Jason/Dick/Roy. Learning to share (or not).
Mia/Connor. College!AU.

The Arrow Family Meme
Filled Prompts
Listed in chronological order of prompts, then (in the case of multiple fills) chronological order of fills.
New fills will be marked with a
for one week.
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Tim Drake/Connor Hawke. Awkward, desperate, fumbling teenage make-out session in the Redbird.
- FILL: Ignition by salmon_pink
Roy/Dick. First time together under Bruce's roof.
- FILL: Rendevous Right Quick by misssynph
Mia Dearden/Artemis Crock. Young Justice Animated crossover, someone got lost on the way to the reboot.
- FILL: Looking Glass Blues (WIP) by phyllomania
Connor Hawke. Sunshine.
- FILL: Breathe by haisai_andagii
Connor Hawke, Lian Harper. Babysitting.
- FILL: Defeat by anon
Lian Harper, Mia Dearden. Futurefic, "passing on the mantle".
- FILL: Flying True by anon
Roy/Dick. Roy teaches Dick to shoot. Being that physically close leads to more than a little sexual tension.
- FILL: Breathe by phyllomania
Jason Todd/Connor Hawke, other Arrows. "It wasn't the best way to find out they were dating."
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Roy/Connor/Mia. Sandwiched between the two of them, overwhelmed by their touch.
- FILL: Cult of Distraction by anon
Roy/Dick. DCnU, Roy, after a bitter argument with Jason, happens to run into Dick. Let the drama ensue.
- FILL: Untitled by doomedpassion
Roy/Donna/Dick. Threesome, and I have no preference who tops (as long as it's not Dick).
- FILL: Indivisibility (WIP) by phyllomania
Roy/Dick. After a long day with Lian, Dick and Roy have exhausted, sloppy, don’t-wake-the-kid sex.
- FILL: Goodnight Baby by live_eternal
Roy/Dick. They're in an established BDSM relationship. Surrendering control/being trusted with control is cathartic for them.
- FILL: take care of you by misssynph
Any female character/Roy. Roy has a thing for strong warrior women, who like to play rough, who like to hold him down.
- FILL: Practice Makes Perfect by thecivilunrest

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