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13 March 2012 @ 01:27 am
Prompt Masterlist - The DCU Femslash Meme  
The DCU Femslash Meme
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The DCU Femslash Meme
Unfilled Prompts
Listed in chronological order. Recreated here as summaries - click to see the full prompt.
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Donna Troy/Koriand’r. Outdoor sex under a beautiful sky.
Holly Robinson/Karon. Holly and Karon try to keep quiet during sex. Problem is, Holly's a screamer.
Steph/Cass. DCnU, Steph and Cass were never Batgirls. How Spoiler and Black Bat met and started to team up.
Supergirl/Power Girl. Addressing the weirdness that in some versions of continuity, they're the same person.
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya. They know they should stay apart, but like an addiction, they can't stop coming back.
Kate Kane/Kate Spencer. Kate Kane takes a fancy to Kate Spencer and tries to see if they share anything beyond a name.
Kate Kane/Renee/Helena. Renee is happy with Helena, but when Kate reappears, she decides that maybe she wants both.
Selina Kyle/Holly Robinson. Selina teaches Holly all about that special kind of sexy that Catwoman needs.
Supergirl/Wonder Girl. They're married and pregnant Kara feels insecure. Cassie proves how sexy she finds her.
Kate Spencer/Cameron Chase. When Kate decides to see what being with a woman is like, Cameron is her first choice.
Power Girl/Supergirl. Kara interns at Starrware labs, working for Karen. Office sex, realising who the other is halfway through.
Rose/Cassie. The Titans’ training room doesn’t have a lock. Sparring and sex in a public place.
Babs/Helena. Fighting for control before they became friends. Phone sex or face-to-face.
Babs/Renee. Flirting, any set-up, just with awesome snark.
Rose Wilson/Stephanie Brown. First team-up, Rose hasn’t had much luck with the hitting-on-all-the-Robins so far.
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya. Renee eggs Kate about the Batman and Robin gossip; is it the same with Kate and Bette?
Grace/Anissa. Outsiders HQ is full of delicate machinery that would not take kindly to them having superpowered sex.
Babs/Dinah. Black Canary's been captured, tied up and locked in a closet. The perfect time for a bit of phone sex.
Bonnie Hoffman/Carmen Leno. Body Doubles share a bed not only with one another, but with an arsenal of weapons.
Rose/Cassie. Playing Chicken, Cassie refuses to back down when Rose tricks her into a Girls Gone Wild trailer.
Wonder Woman/Supergirl. When Supergirl crashes in Russia, it's Diana who greets her instead of Kal.
Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer. Maggie somehow just keeps running into Kate. Then there is flirting and banter.
Dinah/Babs. In DCnU, Barbara clearly isn't too happy with Dinah. Dinah finds a way to apologize.
Caitlin/Rose. DCnU, Rose and "Red" get tired of all their conversations being about Superboy.
Wonder Woman/Lois. Lois does a story on the mysterious Themyscira and meets Princess Diana.
Fire/Vixen. While on a mission, the two get trapped somewhere and find ways to pass the time.
Kory/M'gann. DCU!Kory, DCU!M'gann or Young Justice!M'gann. Anything, such as discussing being aliens or flying sex.
Knockout/Scandal. Sex in the kitchen in the Secret Six mansion, not caring who may walk in and see.
Catwoman/Talia. Rivalry and/or competitive sex.
Bonnie/Carmen. So Bonnie and Carmen both have highly potent healing factors. This clearly calls for rough sex.
Cassandra Cain/Helena. Cass is oblivious to all of Helena's flirting, so Helena has to be a bit more direct with her.
Scandal Savage/Knockout/Liana. Their honeymoon.
Fire/Ice. Steamy sex. Literally. Their powers can lead to all kinds of fun.
Zatanna/Madam Xanadu. Casting a spell using sex magic.
Kate Spencer/Ivy. Kate Spencer is new to Gotham. Poison Ivy decides to show her the ropes.
Catgirl/Scarlet. Kitrina Falcone and Sasha end up working together. They wind up bonding.
Cheshire/Artemis. Domination and spanking.
Livewire/Anyone. DCAU, the sexual uses of Livewire's electric powers.
Harley/Ivy/Any Heroine. Bad girls just have more fun.
Scandal/Knockout. Rough sex. Preferably with property damage.
Zatanna/Nimue Ravensong. Something competitive. Be it banter, sex, whatever. So long as it's suitably rivalshippy.
Renee/Helena. When Renee is feeling down, Helena decides to cheer her up.
Cheshire/Poison Ivy. A romantic evening of music, wine, and discussing the finer points of deadly toxins and their effects.
Raven/Starfire. Starfire teaches Raven how to express her love physically. Comics or toonverse.
Power Girl/Stargirl. Hero worship and breastplay.
Huntress/Black Canary. Sex toys worn under clothing. Or perhaps under uniforms. On a mission.
Carol Ferris/Dinah Lance. Star Sapphire and Black Canary get to talking.
Voodoo/Batwoman. When Batwoman is stalking a new person of interest, they're both struck by the others beauty.
Huntress/Starling. They both love a good fight and a lot of action.
Diana/Selina/Ivy/Harley/Zatanna. Diana gets convinced by her girlfriend Selina to engage in an orgy.
Dinah/Diana/Selina. Dinah and Selina are the victims of Circe's next attack on Diana. Selina becomes a dog and Dinah a cat.
Renee/Priscilla. Priscilla, hiding in Gotham, finds Renee at a gay bar, and will do whatever it takes to go home with her.
Cass/Steph. Cass comes out to the family about her relationship with Steph, and Steph's gift to Cass for being so brave.
Kate/Maggie/Renee. Kate gets the two loves of her life to fall for one another, instead of just sharing her.
Kate Kane/Renee. Renee confesses she's turned on by Kate's mole. Kate also likes an unusual part of Renee's anatomy.
Knockout/Scandal Savage. Leaving her mark behind, her brand of ownership.
Renee Montoya/Barbara Gordon. Renee's always had a thing for redheads.
Batgirl/Stargirl. Courtney hurts her ankle while visiting Gotham, Steph swoops in to save her.
Talia/Whisper. Being a loyal servant, Whisper gladly does anything Talia demands of her. Talia has quite a few demands.
Ivy/Canary/Starling. Ivy is in the middle of claiming Dinah when Starling busts in. Ivy improvises and gets two thralls.
Kate Kane/Renee. Renee and Harvey Bullock are bodyswapped by a mystical trinket. Can Kate handle the body swapped duo?
Power Girl/Zinda Blake. Zinda doesn't understand why superheroes are always so damn serious. Karen agrees.
Dinah/Starling. Starling decides to show Dinah her toy collection.
Dinah/Starling. When Dinah finds out that Starling wears a vibrator under her clothes, she can't stop thinking about it.
Grace/Jade. When Grace sees a dominant personality, she always wants to see how hard they'll fight for control.
Starling/anyone. "Ever notice how similar sex and fighting are?"
Arisia/Carol Ferris. Arisia using the ring as a sex toy, conjuring all sorts of interesting constructs to tease/please Carol.
Grace/Starfire. Leaving a trail of carnage through the Outsiders HQ as they get to know each other.
Starling/Dinah/Harley/Ivy. After a drunken foursome, Starling and Ivy bond over their blonde other halves.
Renee Montoya/Kate Kane/Zatanna. Zatanna deals with two forgetful lovers with some magic potions.
Zatanna/Dinah. Zatanna's magic makes both her and Dinah obese. This leads them to discovering the joys of fat sex.
Scandal Savage/any. Violence fetish.
Rose/Thorn. Anything psychological and possibly mindbending.
Rose/Thorn. Masturbating while switching between Rose and Thorn.
Zatanna/Madame Xanadu. Sex magic.
Killer Frost/Livewire. DCAU, bad girls' night on the town.
Alyce Sinner/Whisper A'Daire. The seven deadly sins.
Abigail Arcane/Mary, Queen of Blood. Death.
Renee/Kate Kane. Renee starts packing on the pounds, Kate finds herself aroused by her lover's expanding body.
Priscilla/Jessica. Priscilla appears as Jessica's favorite superheroine for violent sex, then turns normal before she makes Jessica come.
Poison Ivy/Circe. Sex pheromones vs erotic mind control.
Renee Montoya/Kate Spencer. Anything. I just want some Renee/other Kate.
Exoristos/Horsewoman. Horsewoman decides to show Exoristos that just because she can't use her legs, she's far from weak.
Huntress/anyone. Rough sex. Preferably with butt plugs involved.
Poison Ivy/any. Poison Ivy makes someone fall in love with her, and then proceeds to ignore her just to torment her.
Huntress/Starling. Bullets, arrows, alcohol, vibrators, and a big damn beatdown on Gotham's lowlifes.
Cass/Steph. Future AU. Cass, playing Batman, uses a strap on while Steph wears the green panties!Robin costume.
Huntress/Wonder Woman. Diana goes to Gotham looking for Batman. She finds Helena instead.
Cassie Sandsmark/Kara Zor-El. Wonder Girl and Supergirl swap costumes for kinky funtimes.
Huntress/Lady Blackhawk/Starling/Poison Ivy. The old Birds of Prey "vs" the new Birds.
Kate Kane/Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn. Harley gets hit with a pheromone that attracts both Kate and Ivy to Harley.
Diana/Cassie. Friendly sparring as they relax on Paradise Island.
Huntress/Black Canary. On a mission at a fancy party, they make a little bet: who can wear the most revealing dress?
Catwoman/Oracle. H/C, after the Joker paralyses Babs, she can't feel anything below the waist, no matter what Selina does.
Sasha Bordeaux/Beatriz da Costa. Beatriz in Sasha's bed, legs spread, back arched, submissive to the Black Queen's touch.
Harley/Cass/Steph. When Cass and Steph burst in to bust things up, they get hit with Harley's accidentally-created sex pollen.
Kate Kane/Cameron Chase/Kate Spencer. The DEO girls having fun on an assignment that's in a nice vacation spot.
Black Alice/any. Magic kink, Black Alice stealing various powers for creative uses in the bedroom.
Renee Montoya/any het character. Unrequited love, Renee longing over a woman she loves and can't have.
Power Girl/Terra. D/s. Karen domming the hell out of Atlee. Either their first time or an established D/s relationship.
Batwoman/Starling. Tattoo fetish.
Cassie Sandsmark/Stephanie Brown. Their exes (Tim & Kon) hooked up, so why shouldn't they?
Oracle/Black Canary. Pre-reboot, how did these two wind up in bed the first time?
Power Girl/Terra/Divine. Terra gave her virginity to Karen. Karen's arranged a threesome so Terra can take Divine's virginity.
She-Hulk/Power Girl. Marvel crossover, She-Hulk uses her ability to break the fourth wall to take all sorts of advantage of Karen.
Starling/Renee Montoya. When Renee gets depressed, she seeks solace in sex. Starling is happy to be a rebound fuck.
Batwoman/Cameron Chase. Batwoman flirts relentlessly with Chase. Bonus points if Chase doesn't want to cheat on Manhunter.
Jade/Natu. Kyle tries to get his current and former girlfriends to be friends. Turns out they like each other more than him.
Peyton Riley/Poison Ivy. Peyton manages to get away from Scarface, only to run into Poison Ivy. She likes Ivy better.
Selina/Holly. After filling in as Catwoman, Holly realizes just how amazing Selina is. She falls head over heels for her.
Fire/Ice. Ice has been dead for years, but when she comes back to life, reunited lovers can't be happier.
Kate/Rose, Renee/Thorn. Kate and Renee, having broken up, each find a rebound girl. And they're the same girl.
Power Girl/Huntress. They've never really got along, and out of spite decide on a contest of who can pick up the most women/men/whoever.
Huntress/Black Canary. Anything. Just somebody write something about these two.
Harley/Ivy. BDSM. This time, Ivy will make Harley stay with her.
Zatanna/Harley/Ivy. Magic, psychology, or just plain old pheromones, the three of them just stay together, content.
Harley/Ivy. She loves Mr. J, really, she does... but there's just somethin' about Red, ya know?
Wonder Woman/any villainess. Punishment.
Artemis/Cassie. Sparring/domination.
Kate Kane/Renee/Zatanna. A messed up spell ends up turning them into the living embodiment of their dirtiest fetishes.
Starfire/Victoria Hand. Marvel crossover, Ms Hand is sent to recruit Starfire to join the Dark Avengers. She's very persuasive.
Selina/Harley. Selina rarely laughs and Harley is determined to get her girlfriend to lighten up.
Donna Troy/Zinda Blake. Donna and Zinda aren't in the DCnU. They have to do SOMETHING while they're floating in limbo.
Cassie Sandsmark/Cissie King-Jones. Cissie gets her haircut, Cassie reacts. Cute girly fluff.
Cassie/Cissie/Anita. They still meet up whenever they can, and just enjoy spending time together. There is snuggling!
Any. 3 heroines and/or 3 villainesses suddenly find themselves 10-15 years younger. No sex, just cuteness and fun.
Any. Sexy wrestling where they both try make each other come. Whoever comes first loses and is fucked with a strap on.
Any heroine/any villainess. There's nothing like the thrill of the chase for the hunter and the hunted.
Zatanna/Poison Ivy. They use their respective abilities on one another and see who submits to confessing their true feelings first.
Rose/Cassie. They fall in freezing water. Wrapped up naked together for heat, Rose decides they should have sex.
Traci 13/fem!Jamie. Traci uses her magic to turn a surprised and embarrassed Jaime into a curvy latina babe.
Diana/Selina. An errant wish by Selina for milk is granted by Mxy in the form of a lactating Diana.
Selina/Harley/Zatanna. Zatanna shows her lovers just how much fun sex as giants, shrunken sex, and fat sex can be.
Kara/Helena. New Earth 2, Supergirl can’t stand Robin, the Girl Wonder. She has, however, got a crush on Helena Wayne.
Kara/Steph. While out busting crime together Kara gets infected with some pink kryptonite.
Power Girl/Atlee. Peej gets hit with a curse that makes her breasts swell painfully full with milk that is also an aphrodisiac.
Diana/Harley. Harley pouts and pleads for Diana to drop the stern, dignified way she usually carries herself.
Power Girl/Ivy. Power Girl would let Ivy do anything, but all the villainess wants her for is her breasts.
Cass/Tim. Tim's turned into a woman due to an accident and Cassandra shows him how much she still loves him, even when he is a she.
Starfire/Donna. Bikinis, nude sun-bathing, rubbing on suntan-lotion. Kory should be the intiator, Donna all blushing and shy.
Power Girl/Atlee. PG puts Atlee in a chastity-belt. Every night, Atlee eats her out but hasn't been allowed to come in 30 days.
Poison Ivy/Artemis/M'gann. Young Justice Animated, sex pollen. Ivy likes green things...
Traci 13/Brenda. A spell gone wrong causes Traci to grow a penis and the only way to get rid of it is to use it.
Selina/Barbara. Selina tops Barbara while wearing the Batgirl costume.
Cassandra/Barbara. Cass finds herself using any opportunity to see Barbara sweaty. Babs catches her peeking.
Batwoman/Manhunter. Working for the DEO can get boring sometimes. Kate Kane has an idea for something fun.
Zatanna/Harley/Ivy/Selina. What anniversary gift do the Sirens get for someone who has magic at the the tip of her tongue?
Scandal/Liana/Knockout. Scandal's two lovers tie her to a chair, then have sex while teasing her and making her watch.
Catwoman/Lois Lane. BDSM, when robbing the Metropolis museum Catwoman finds something much more valuable.
Holly Robinson/Harley Quinn. Anything for Holly and Harley set during Countdown to Final Crisis.
Diana/Huntress/Barda. On a spa day on Paradise Island, Diana remains coy about addressing the lesbian rumours.
Zatanna/Renee. When they're alone, Zatanna lets Renee take complete control.
Selina/Harley/Zatanna/Ivy. Zatanna ends up pregnant with a child with the genetic makeup of all four of them.
Helena/Renee/Zatanna. Zatanna proves to Helena and Renee that what they consider dominant is mere child's play.
Any Amazons. Amazonian holiday. How do they traditionally celebrate their holidays? WHAT do they celebrate?
Huntress/Batwoman. Huntress and Batwoman playing truth or dare. The dares get more bold and sexy as things progress.
Zatanna/any. A heroine discovers Zatanna is possessed and has been keeping DCU women in a pleasure dungeon.
Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli. Trying to reconcile their sexuality with their religion.
Helena Bertinelli/Helena Wayne. Anything.
Dinah/Barbara. Dinah asks Barbara which five superheroes she would have sex with. It's all women and she's one of them.
Knockout/Big Barda. Knockout said "Fighting. It's better than sex, and almost as violent." Just how violent can Fury sex get?
Liana/Birds. For a birthday, Liana is hired as a stripper to dress like a hero or heroine one of the Birds has a thing for.
Batwoman/Voodoo. On a vacation to New Orleans, Kate decides a private dance from Priscilla is a good way to blow some cash.
Cass/Voodoo. Cass sees Priscilla dancing and picks up the basics quickly. Priscilla goes from impressed to infatuated.
Starling/Barda. Starling really, really likes Barda's Mega-Rod.
Selina/Zatanna. Selina finds it hard to believe Zatanna's never told her she loves her after years of being together.
Thorn/Poison Ivy. Fighting for dominance.
Rose and Thorn/Typhoid Mary and Mary Walker. Marvel crossover, they both switch between sadistic and sweet personalities.
Voodoo/Miss Martian. Shapeshifter sex.
Artemis/Zatanna. Young Justice animated, they slowly building a relationship over time, from friendship to more.
Any DC female/any Marvel female. Marvel crossover, speed dating sessions.
Voodoo/Voodoo. There are two Priscilla Kitaens. Selfcest time!
Soranik Natu/any. After being Sora's patient, a character shows her appreciation in a different manner than Sora is used to.
Jenny-Lynn Hayden/Donna Troy. Anything.
Indigo-1/any. The Indigo Tribe's unique (lack of) personality and passion and how it affects things in bed.
Power Girl/Terra. In a public place, Terra gives purple Kryptonite as a gift, not realising it makes Kara ridiculously horny.
Voodoo/Abigail Arcane. Two women on the run find one another when they're holed up in the same hideout.
Fire/Ice. Ice kink. Tora uses her ice powers to add an icy touch where she places her fingers (and anything else).
Caitlin Fairchild/Sarah Rainmaker. Tired of her advances, Caitlin sleeps with Sarah, then realises she really enjoys it.
Ystin/Exoristos - As Shining Knight, Ystin insists that she's a man. But in bed, Ystin is happy to be a woman.
Renee Montoya/Elicia. Sinning for all it's worth.
Jessica Fallon/Voodoo/Priscilla Kitaen. Fallon finally manages to catch Voodoo. Both of them. Threesome.
Grace/Thunder/Helena Bertinelli/Cass Cain/Jade/Lady Blackhawk/whoever. Benched in the DCnU, they have an orgy.
Cassie Sandsmark/any. Anything, especially with a fellow Titan. Kinky is always better.
Huntress/Black Canary/Lady Blackhawk/Manhunter. Manhunter's initiation into the Birds. It involves Kate in bondage.
Helena Bertinelli/Zinda Blake/Dinah Lance. The Birds take a relaxing beach vacation.
Helena/Dinah. "Dinah, can you burp your Canary Cry?"
Diana/female Bruce. Diana wakes up to find her husband is now a woman. What is an Amazon to do?
Harley/Ivy/Selina/Carpenter. The Sirens want a sweaty, exhausted, Carpenter after she's done with their carpentry jobs.
Diana or Artemis/Cassie. Restraining. Cassie gets angry and loses her self-control while sparring.
Wonder Woman/any. Does the lasso work when two people are tied up, each holding onto the lasso?
Sasha Bordeaux/Selina Kyle. Catwoman tries to steal from the Wayne manor, finds Sasha and tries to charm her.
Sasha Bordeaux/Beatriz Costa. Disciplinary action.
Sasha Bordeaux/Black Widow. Marvel crossover, spy vs spy.
Batwoman/Night Nurse. Marvel crossover, while being nursed back to health, Batwoman makes a move on Night Nurse.
Huntress/Power Girl. They're approached by GGW to have sex on camera. Each expects the other to back out but neither does.
Zatanna/Wonder Woman/Catwoman. Selina may not be have powers, but she knows the best way to her lovers' hearts.
Power Girl/Huntress. They lost their world and all they have is one another. That has to be enough.
Ev Crawford/Dinah Lance. Ev is jealous of Dinah's friendship with Babs, Dinah comforts her.
Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl. Wonder Woman catches Wonder Girl stealing her lasso and has some angry sex with her.
Power Girl/Wonder Girl. They get into a fight, and PG knocks Cassie out. PG takes advantage of Cassie's body.
Lois/Wonder Woman. Lois Lane is bored at work so she masturbates. Wonder Woman flies by and sees her.
Supergirl/Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl. Kara masturbates while watching Diana and Cassie have sex, is invited to join them.
Power Girl/Wonder Woman. Power Girl sees Diana and Cassie having sex and decides to hook up with Diana.
Poison Ivy/Mary Jane/April O'Neil. Marvel and TMNT crossover, Poison Ivy gets two more women to have sex with.
Wonder Woman/Lois Lane. Wonder Woman has a foot fetish and Lois Lane seems to have 'beautiful' feet.
Mera/Ya'wara. Sometimes, the way for warrior women to solve their differences is to fight. That fighting becomes foreplay
Any. It's so hot. Woman of anon's choice cools off with an ice cube, in some interesting ways.
Supergirl/Silver Banshee. Siobahn is very talented with her tongue.
Sasha Bordeaux/Fire. At work, Sasha is in charge. But behind closed doors, Fire is a harsh mistress.
Circe/Zatanna. Circe tries to frame Zatanna for killing someone, unless she does something for her.
Whisper A'Daire/any. Whisper shows her just how fun a woman with a snake's tongue can be.
Rogue/Wonder Woman. Marvel crossover, Wonder Woman is captured by a mysterious person, but has no clue who it is.
Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl is tired of being Wonder Woman's sidekick. Angry sex follows.
Diana/Harley/Selina. One night a month they give Harley whatever she wants in bed.
Diana/Selina. Diana cheering up her wife of twenty years and showing her that getting old isn't an ending but a beginning.
Zatanna/Selina. Zatanna's magic meshes with Selina's love of cats, Zatanna finds herself carrying a litter for nine months.
Grace/Anissa. Grace topping. Getting a sweet and innocent daddy's little girl to sexually submit to her sounds like a challenge.
Selina/Helena/Renee. They tough out their differences in the name of their relationship. Even if they do have their arguments.
Zatanna/Harley. Harley's depressed. Can her girlfriend cheer her up?
Helena/Steph. Picture prompt, a simple training session becomes a make-out session.
Harley/Batwoman. Kate would have never guessed the blonde she met at the bar would mend her broken places.
Supergirl/Batgirl/Batwoman. Supergirl and Batgirl are bored, so Batwoman finds them something to do.
Zatanna/any. "Egadnob."
Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance. Picture prompt.
Stephanie Brown/Cass Cain. A night on the town.
Big Barda/Zinda Blake. Drinking buddies and more.
Supergirl/Batgirl, Power Girl/Terra. A double date that starts out fluffy and ends up smutty.
Renee/Dinah, Helena/Barbara. Helena and Dinah have a competition to see who can make the other one's girlfriend come first.
Cass Cain/X-23. Marvel crossover, Cass and Laura don't understand emotions, but they can sense the lust on one another.
Batgirl/Supergirl. Considering their occupation, Steph finds it weird that Kara's fatish is cosplay, but she indulges her anyway.
Zatanna/any. Zatanna uses her magic to alternately gratify and torment her partner sexually.
Scandal/Liana/Jeanette. Scandal and Liana want to spice up their relationship, so they decide to let Jeanette dom them.
Power Girl/Terra. Kara wants to experiment with bondage and be the sub. Atlee agrees, but has no idea what to do.
Steph/any. First date, Stephanie Brown style.
Any. Costume swap!
Black Alice/any. Black Alice steals a magic power and accidentally uses it to make every woman on earth gay for her.
Renee/Zatanna. Being with Zatanna means even a mundane Tuesday involves being assaulted by magic.
Helena Bertinelli/Renee Montoya. First date. (Bonus points if they run into Kate and Maggie and things get awkward.)
Helena Wayne/Karen Starr. Karen uses sex to get what she wants. What happens when she wants something from Helena?
Harley/Ivy. Bickering.
Helena/Dinah. The girls go to a party together.
Kate Kane/Cameron Chase. As extra incentive in her DEO contract, Chase gives Kate certain "bonuses" after successful missions.
Anyone with super strength. Wild drunk sex leads to wild mass property damage.
Nimue/Misty. In order to get to Zatanna, Nimue kidnaps Misty and has some fun with her.
Misfit/Birds. Misfit isn't readily accepted by the Birds. She teleports to their homes to show them why they want her around.
Rose/Steph. Rose gets annoyed by Steph's positive attitude. She shuts her up by sticking her panties in Steph's mouth.
Renee/Helena. After a harrowing experience with the Scarecrow, Helena is scared to sleep alone. Renee comforts her.
Steph/Cass Cain. Cass is great at most things physical, but she's not very good at sex. Steph tries to help, but Cass is embarrassed.
Power Girl/Huntress. Kara wants to see if this world's Huntress is anything like the Helena Wayne from her home world.
Supergirl/Miss Martian. Someone steals their panties, they have to fly around with nothing under their skirts. Fun ensues.
Harley/Ivy. To keep her from making another bad decision, Ivy makes Harley promise to do WHATEVER she says.
Power Girl/Supergirl. Purple kryptonite strap-on.
Catwoman/Catwoman. The perfect crime.
Anissa/Grace. Anissa on top.
Selina/Diana. Pregnancy sex, Diana is aroused by Selina's pregnant belly.
Selina/Harley. Of all the toys Harley's used on her in bed, the whoopie cushion is by far the best.
Ivy/Harley/Selina. Upon hearing about a superhero orgy, they decide to hold the underworld's first power orgy.
Question/Huntress. Helena underneath Renee's desk, fucking her while Renee tries to conduct PI business.
Wonder Woman/Storm, Wonder Girl/Jubilee, Rogue/Supergirl. Marvel crossover, any of these pairings accepted.
Miss Martian/any. Sweet, kind, innocent M'gann high on sex pollen. DCU or the Young Justice cartoon.
Lady Blackhawk/any. Skirt kink.
Huntress/Power Girl. World's Finest, Helena sleeps alone. Next to an open window. Obviously for Karen's benefit.
Carol Danvers/Kate Kane. Marvel crossover, showcasing their differences and similarities, as well as struggle-for-dominance sex.
Dinah/Helena. At a Halloween party, they're involved in a dare over who can come up with the most revealing costume.
Harley/Batgirls. Harley captures all the Batgirls, keeping them together and making them all watch as she fucks each of them.
Babs/Steph. Teacher/student role play, Steph wearing the schoolgirl outfit from Batman Inc being spanked with a ruler.
Rose/Cassie. Rose joins Cassie in the sauna, not wearing anything, and teases her until Cassie jumps her.
Evil!Zatanna/All female heroes. Evil!Zatanna turning females heroes into a harem. Mind control and physical transformation.
Huntress/any. Assplay.
Steph/Cassie. Costume swap, they indulge in some batgirl-on-batgirl action while imagining fucking themselves.
Barbara/Helena/Dinah/Zinda. D/s. Barbara barking orders to her Birds, telling them what to do to themselves and each other.
Rose/Cassie. Cassie naked, blindfolded, tied up with her lasso, Rose fucking her with a strap-on, then revealing their audience.
Villainess/Heroine. A villainess possesses the body of a heroine, she proceeds to fuck all the heroine's female friends.
Starfire/Donna, Cassie or Mia. Kory walking around the Tower naked, convinces the other girl to sunbathe naked.
Shiva/Black Canary. Sex with ritual overtones: Cleansing, undressing, incence, oils and focus on the whole body.
Any heroines. Anything involving a naked photoshoot for a magazine or website. One is eager, the other reluctant.
Any. A infection spreads amongst the ladies of the DCU, turning them into predatory seductive lesbians.
Any. Any lady with superpowers is secretly powered by sex, either by cumming or making other girls cum. She needs a recharge.
Talia/Kate Kane. Talia makes her beg. Light bondage.
Diana/any. Wonder Woman's harem.
Alice (Beth Kane)/Maggie Sawyer/Kate Kane. Maggie doesn't know it's not Kate, at least not until her hands are tied.
Barbara/multiple. Infiltrating a swingers club, Babs discovers new members are intiated by having exhibitionist group sex.
Poison Ivy/Helena. Dub-con, seduction, subtle use of sex pollen and tentacle vines.
Zatanna/villains. Zee turns the villains into sex slaves, she invites the heroes to a party to show off. Bondage, humiliation.
Any. An older domme is keeping a younger female hero in a chastity belt, teasing her but not letting her get release.
Starfire/Raven. Attacked and fucked by a tentacle monster.
Dinah/Helena. A villainess is puppeteering their bodies.
Any Villainess/Any Heroine. The heroine needs information, the villainess will only give it out if the heroine eats her out.
Steph/Cass. Normally Cass tops, Steph want to be in charge for once. Strap-on and bondage.
Starfire/Donna. Starfire goes into heat and comes onto Donna.
Rose/Cassie. School AU, Cassie is the perfect good girl who happens to be gay, Rose the bad girl who she lusts after.
Tam Fox/Steph. Bathing together.
Renee/Kate. Hot sweaty fucking.
Ev/any original DCU character. Ev in the original DCU, seducing/sleeping with any female character(s).
Any. A character has never experienced multiple orgasms. Her girlfriend decides that this situation must be remedied!
Any. AU, any DC female as a bellhop, hotel elevator sex with any other infamous DC female character.
Poison Ivy/any Bird. DCnU, Ivy has control of the Birds, she puts them in humiliating and demeaning sexual positions.
Any. Anything based on PopEvil's "The Boss's Daughter".
Zatanna/any couple. "Kcuf hcae rehto." Zatanna keeps giving them new commands as things progress.
Rose/Cassie. Sometimes, to shake things up, Cassie and Rose have long, slow, lingering sex.

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(Anonymous) on May 16th, 2013 12:31 pm (UTC)
Power Girl/Wonder Woman. fisting and relationship
Wonder woman Decides to give a hand to Power Girl, LOL

No seriously, wonder woman and Power Girl are in a relationship and Diana decides to give Kara a taste of what the girls do on paradise island.

Bonus points for:

- As many hand jokes as you can slip in without it becoming a comedy.

- Making it a loving relationship i.e.: alluding to a really close couple

- Drawing it out, not just wham bam thank you... uh... Amazon mam'

- Multiple orgasms and squirting

I dont know what has possessed me to post this but i leave it to you all.

Good luck to the brave.