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22 April 2012 @ 06:09 pm
Prompt Masterlist - The DCU Villain Meme  
The DCU Villain Meme
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The DCU Villain Meme
Unfilled Prompts
Listed in chronological order. Recreated here as summaries - click to see the full prompt.
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Knockout/Scandal/Deadshot/Catman. A game of tit-for-tat - whatever the boys want to see the girls do, they have to do!
The Joker/Harley. A night under the stars and smog, kidnapping and violence and hostages.
Lex Luthor, Kon-El. Having Lex Luthor as a father is...interesting.
Scandal/Knockout. When Knockout came back from hell, she just wasn't the same.
Joker/Harley. The depths of their insanity.
Talia al Ghul/Whisper A'Daire. Hero worship. Whisper is eager to please Talia.
Black Adam/Isis. When Black Adam and Isis lie together, sometimes she can't help making it rain over Khandaq.
Deadshot/Jeanette. Jeanette domming Deadshot. Shackles and floggings are encouraged.
Carmen Leno/Bonnie Hoffman. Gun kink.
Phobia/Manhunter. Sadism, domination. Phobia has Manhunter as her prisoner and has her way with her.
Scandal/Jeanette. Two dommes going at it. There's a reason they weren't compatible.
Nimue Ravensong/Zatanna. Nimue finally gets her revenge on Zatanna.
Sylvia Sinclair/Catwoman. Thievery.
Catman/Jeanette. Knife play.
Deadshot/Tarantula/Jeanette. Double penetration. Tarantula in the middle
Scarecrow, Lex Luthor. What does Lex fear the most?
Tarantula/Nightwing. Tarantula is really turned on by Nightwing's bad side as Renegade.
Scandal/Knockout/Liana. It's not a very happy marriage.
Lex/Mercy. Mercy is absolutely loyal to Lex. No matter what.
Lex Luthor/Bruce Wayne. Lex orchestrates a hostile takeover of Wayne Industries...and Bruce Wayne.
Lex Luthor/Superman. Sex pollen. Lex's latest attempt to take down Superman backfires spectacularly.
Harley/Ivy/Talia. Talia attempts to give her lovers a more refined taste but succumbs to their less-than-refined ways.
Lex Luthor/Selina Kyle. Flirting.
Dr. Destiny. Dr. Destiny enjoys manipulating heroes' dreams...including their erotic dreams. Slash, Het, or just voyeurism.
Vandal Savage, Demon Knights. Why has Savage abandoned the world-conquering schtick to be a wandering rogue?
Vandal Savage, Superman. Immortality. They are the last two left on Earth.
Alfred Wesker/Scarface. How does Wesker feel about his job as Scarface's assistant? How does Scarface feel about it?
Riddler/Batman. What does it take for Eddie to get that infuriating man's attention?
Two Face/Dick Grayson. Unfinished buisness.
Secret Six/Tarantula. Stockholme Syndrome. Tarantula remains the Six's prisoner and fucks her way through the Secret Six.
Harley/Batman. Tired of Joker's abuse and Ivy thinking she knows best, Harley's revenge is fucking their worst enemy.
Red Hood/Nightwing. Nightwing showing his dominant side and refusing to let Hood take him.
Phobia/Scarecrow. "I know what you're afraid of."
Knockout/Phobia. As a Fury, Knockout loves fighting her fears. It's an aphrodisiac to conquer them (and Phobia).
Red Hood/Matches. Returning to Gotham, Jason finds Bruce has taken a knock to the head and is living as Matches.
Mercy Graves/Hope. Hope wanted Luthor's affections, but she got Mercy's instead.
Poison Ivy/Lex Luthor. Ivy uses her pheromone powers to control Lex Luthor - and LexCorp - from the shadows.
Professor Zoom/Wally West. He loves the taste of the kid's speed.
Knockout/Kon. It doesn't take them long to get back into the swings of things - anger, violence and inappropriate touching.
Catwoman/Ivy/Harley/Riddler. The Riddler thinks he can manipulate the Sirens. He's about to learn he's wrong. BDSM.
Any villain/any Robin. "Isn't this just delicious?"
Ras Al Ghul/Tim Drake. Ras appreciates the youth and vitality of his newest nemesis.
Deathstroke/Renegade. Training a young villain is hard. Stopping him trying to be a hero is harder.
Alyce Sinner/Alice (Beth Kane). Alyce takes a special interest in Alice and decides to conduct her sessions herself.
Poison Ivy/the Riddler. Ivy doesn't particularly care for the Riddler. What happens when she gets her hands on him?
Deathstroke/Dick. The more the kid struggles, the sweeter it tastes.
Deathstroke/Roy. Bad enough finding out Batman is Slade in disguise. Even worse that Roy got down on his knees for him.
Deathstroke/Cass Cain. All it takes is a little push and a lot of drugs and, yes, she's perfect.
Ivy/Kon/Knockout. They both consider Kon their property and they're not happy about having to share!
Lex Luthor/Wonder Woman. After the death of Superman. Lex and his new partner in crime Wonder Woman celebrate their victory.
Poison Ivy/any. When Ivy's plants get frisky with somebody who is hit with her sex pollen, Ivy feels their arousal.
Poison Ivy/Kon. Ivy had Kon under her spell in five seconds. She made sure to make the most of her pretty new slave.
Harley Quinn/Batgirl. BFF's are one thing, but Harley also appreciates Best Enemies Forever.
Selina/Bruce. Whipping. It's been a long time since Selina's seen anyone take this kind of pain as beautifully as Bruce.
Any/Loki. Marvel movieverse crossover, Loki is thrown into the DC universe, a DCU villain finds him.
Any Furies/Kara. Set when Kara was brainwashed by Darkseid and training to be one of his Furies.
Female Furies. Fighting is better than sex. Except when the sex also involves fighting. That's the best.
Jeanette/any hero. Jeanette domming the hell out of hero of anon's choice. Femslash preferred but not required.
Poison Ivy/Batgirl. Ivy makes Batgirl her slave, and puts her on a leash to proudly parade her new pet around Gotham.
Joker/Poison Ivy. Joker and Ivy fight over Harley. With hatesex.
Bruce/Selina. Pre-reboot. Don't be shy...
Catman/Deadshot. Floyd likes sparring with Blake. Especially when Blake gets a little too into it.
Deathstroke/Jericho. Nobody will ever take Slade's son away from him again.
Jason Todd/Harley Quinn. There are a million reasons why it shouldn't work, but that just makes it hotter.
Jason/any. Jason knows they think he's a merciless killer. But Jason isn't going to leave them behind to die.
The Joker/Tim. Early in Tim's career, Joker made sure all the Arkham inmates knew that he'd claimed dibs on the new Robin.
Creote/Savant. When Savant suggests they sleep together, he's not expecting to be overwhelmed with pleasure.
Blake/Bruce. Blake's ready to claim the prize he's been working towards - taking Batman as his mate.
Blake/Dick. Blake shows up in Gotham to check out the 'new' Batman. He finds himself captivated by the way Dick moves.
Blake/Tim. Blake's impressed with Tim. Veeeery impressed. He's not shy about showing it.
Slade/Dick. Slade making Dick come over and over until Dick feels like he's losing his mind.
Poison Ivy/any. Poison Ivy fisting somebody. Male or female, villain or hero.
Knockout/Savage. Rough sex and gentle cuddling afterwards.

The DCU Villain Meme
Filled Prompts
Listed in chronological order of prompts, then (in the case of multiple fills) chronological order of fills.
New fills will be marked with a
for one week.
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for one week.

Hush/any. Taking advantage of somebody Bruce loves whilst wearing Bruce's face.
- FILL: Untitled by jayeinacross
Scarecrow. Exploring the depths of any character's fears. The more sadistic the better.
- FILL: The One You Once Loved by yournuke
Lex Luthor/Kon-El. All it takes is a little flip of the mental switch and Superboy will do anything to please his daddy.
- FILL: Untitled (WIP) by anon

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