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01 August 2011 @ 01:20 am
Rules & Information  
Although the aim of this meme is to have fun enjoying the wonderful world of DCU and its fandom, there are rules. A condensed version of the rules is available on each prompt post, but I'm going to aim giant Krypto-puppydog eyes at everyone and ask them to read the full version of the rules listed here.



♥ Anon commenting is on and IP logging is off. It’s entirely up to you if you post anon or logged in. Whatever makes you most comfortable.

Be respectful. Remember, your kink is not my kink and that’s okay! No bashing of prompts, fills, users or characters, please. Comments breaking this rule will be screened and you will be asked to repost your comment without the abusive language/tone.

♥ The key to a fun meme is participation. Try to fill prompts where possible, rather than only making requests. Comment on fills you’ve enjoyed. Spread the word and pimp the meme wherever you can.

♥ The only good spoiler is Stephanie Brown. Please don’t spoil current events for other fans. If you are specifically referencing something that has happened in the last few months, add a spoiler warning, either in the subject line or at the top of your comment, preferably in large, bold letters. Also, let us know where the spoiler comes from, e.g. SPOILER FOR TEEN TITANS #97. This applies to prompts, fills and any discussion on the meme. If you are referencing any specific point in canon, it might be a good idea to note which canon it is before writing out plot points, no matter how old the canon may be, e.g. Infinite Crisis. Reading everything in the DCU is fairly impossible - just because you feel something is common knowledge doesn’t mean it won’t be a spoiler for somebody else.


One prompt per comment only. You may post as many separate comments as you like.

♥ Prompts can be as vague or as detailed as you choose.

Please note your desired pairing in the subject line, (unless you're commenting on a meme devoted to a specific pairing, such as The Tim/Kon Meme). If your prompt is for gen rather than a pairing, please note the main character(s). If you have no preference for pairing, feel free to put "Any" in place of specific names.

♥ Although it’s not mandatory, it would be a good idea to include any keywords from your prompt in the subject line, e.g. ‘Infinite Crisis angst’, ‘cross-dressing’ or ‘bottom!Kon’. It helps draw the eye of people looking to create fills!

♥ If you have a canon preference, remember to specify. If you don’t say your prompt is set in the Young Justice era, you might get post-Final Crisis Teen Titans instead.

♥ As well as the regular DCU, all canons are welcome. If you want to see Tim Drake written into Young Justice Animated or Smallville, go ahead. Just make sure you include this preference in your prompt. For memes focused on a specific canon, crossovers with other canons are welcome. Again, just make sure you note which canon in your prompt.


♥ Please remember to add the word FILL to your subject line.

♥ When posting a fill, reply as a new comment to the prompt you are responding to. If your fill takes up more than one comment box, please post each subsequent piece of the fill as a reply to the first part of your fill (nesting) or as a reply to each previous part of your fill (chains). Alternatively, you may post your fill elsewhere and respond to the original prompt with a link.

♥ Include your fill’s title in the subject line or the comment itself. Fills without a title will be marked as Untitled when collected in the fills post. (You can change this if you think of a title after your fill has been added by commenting at the fill post or question post.)

Warnings are a necessity! Please warn for anything you think may be triggering to readers, such as non-con/consent issues or extreme kinks not included in the original prompt. I am aware some writers do not like to warn for various reasons. I ask that those writers warn for ‘no warnings’ or for ‘disturbing content’ where applicable, so readers are aware that they should approach the fill with caution.

♥ You may post your fills anywhere outside of this meme that you wish. Just remember to post them here at the meme, either as a comment or a link to your fill elsewhere.

♥ Multiple fills for the same comment are very much allowed.

♥ Please report your fills. It makes organisation a lot easier.

♥ If your fill applies to more than one prompt, please choose one prompt you wish it to be listed under in the fills post. Please reply to that prompt with your fill and reference that prompt when you report your fill. However, you may then post a link to your fill under any other prompts it applies to, letting the original poster know you've created something that works for their prompt.

If you have any questions or comments about the meme itself, please post them at the question and discussion post.

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