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The DCU Femslash Meme 2012 Fill-A-Thon

Helena Bertinelli/Dinah Lance/Renee Montoya. Strap-ons, double penetration.
- FILL: Helena's Favorite Things by rijsg

Miss Martian/any. Tentacles, either solo or with any other DCU lady, MM uses her shapeshifting powers to spice up sex.
- FILL: Green Fingered by salmon_pink

Power Girl/Huntress/Wonder Woman/Black Canary/Starling/Poison Ivy. Strip poker, a Super Gal's night in gets out of hand.
- FILL: Strip Poker by anon

Ivy/any. Plant bondage, vine tentacles.
- FILL: Captivate rijsg

Starfire/Cassie. Cassie sneaks off at night to enjoy having the Teen Titans jacuzzi naked. Kory joins her.
- FILL: Relaxing by eternal_moonie

Cass/Steph. Cassandra doesn't quite understand her feelings towards Stephanie and goes to Alfred for advice.
- FILL: Young Love by rijsg

Harley/Zatanna. Zatanna gives in to Harley's request for a night of sex with no magic on her part.
- FILL: Abracadamnher by salmon_pink

Renee/Kate Kane. Long after their breakup, they get drunk. They wake up in bed with no memory of what happened.
- FILL: A Few Too Many rijsg

Rose Wilson/Cassie Sandsmark. Rose catches Cassie masturbating and decides to help her. Angry sex follows.
- FILL: Caught by eternal_moonie

Wonder Woman/Ms Marvel. Wonder Woman meets Ms Marvel and they go around the town, then sex.
- FILL: Familiar by anon

Diana/any. Wonder Woman world tour, getting into lots and lots of sexy shenanigans across the DCU.
- FILL: Grounded by rijsg
- FILL: Wonder Woman World Tour by ryu19
- FILL: Beautiful by anon

Cass Cain/Steph. Cass is stuck in bed with a foot injury. Fortunately, Steph is a very good distraction.
- FILL: Footloose by salmon_pink

Harley/Selina. Selina finds herself entranced by the way Harley's costume shows off her rear end.
- FILL: Assailed by salmon_pink

Catwoman/Wonder Girl. They're both trying to steal the same thing. They fight, leading to other things.
- FILL: Honor among thieves.... or something. by anon

Harley/Ivy. Harley still sleeps with a lot of stuffed animals in the bed. Ivy will just have to adjust.
- FILL: Untitled by ryu19

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