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The Robincest Meme 2012 Fill-A-Thon

Steph/Jason. Steph pegging Jason, fucking him hard and fast with a strap-on.
- FILL: Hands, Knees, Eggplant by salmon_pink

Jason, Dick. Jason makes a wish that it was Dick killed by the Joker. He learns this causes Bruce to murder the Joker.
- FILL: Sucks to be Right by anon

Tim/Damian. Older Damian in the green Robin panties. Tim is mortified to discover this is one of the hottest things ever.
- FILL: Taste The Green by salmon_pink

All Robins. One of the Robins finds a hurt robin. Somehow all the other Robins get involved with taking care of the bird.
- FILL: Robin and the Robins by anon

Dick/all. All the Robins have a secret they will never share - a well-loved Nightwing plushie.
- FILL: My Own Little 'Wing by anon

Jason/Dick or Jason/Tim. Jason convincing Tim or Dick to join him in his crusade.
- FILL: Prove It by frozen-water-droplet

Damian, Dick, Jason. AU, Damian loves his personal assassins, Talon!Dick and mute!Jason, somewhat like brothers, somewhat like pets.
- FILL: What We Leave Behind (Sometimes Finds Us) by somehowunbroken

Jason/Dick. Felching.
- FILL: Under My Sneered Lips by salmon_pink

Jason, Damian. AU, Talia has Jason raise Damian, believing him to be his son. Years later, they learn the truth.
- FILL: The End by anon

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