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Congratulations, everybody! The Tim/Kon Meme has been up and running a whole week and we already have so many amazing prompts and fills! Thank you all so much for your participation, it's hugely appreciated!

There are a few changes I've made that I hope will make dcu_memes even easier to use.

♥ I've added some smaller banners to the pimping post. I'm still cross-posting promotion for the meme so apologies if I show up on your friends lists more than once. I'm posting adverts no more than once a day, so hopefully I won't spam you too much. I'm not particularly good with graphics (which is why the banners are the Photoshop equivalent of straw and mud) but please feel free to use them to promote the community.
♥ I'm currently trying to update the prompts and fills lists at least once a day. Please remember to report your fills to make sure they don't get missed.
♥ Speaking of the prompts and fills lists, I've changed the layout slightly. The order of the fills has been changed to prompt chronology, rather than fill chronology. As of today, all new fills will be marked for a week. Anything currently not marked was submitted in the first week of dcu_memes.
♥ I've added a few comments to the canon recs and resources post that I think might be helpful for anyone interested in the Tim/Kon meme. Feel free to add your own if you wish - any recs or questions don't need to be related to Tim or Kon, they can focus on anything within the DCU.

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