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As promised, it's Wednesday the 31st and I'm here with the announcement for our next prompt post! So, without further ado, the next dcu_memes-hosted meme will be...

The DCnU Meme!

Today, DC launched the first of their New 52 titles, so what better day to announce a meme for this new DC universe, whether you prefer to call it the DCnU, nuDC or That Crazy Reboot. DC's initial announcement and subsequent steady release of cover art and information has stirred up the fandom, for better or worse, in a huge way. Familiar characters are set to find themselves in new situations or even with an entirely new backstory and new relationships. So this meme hopes to provide a place to explore this new world in the way fandom always does best - through fic, artwork and any other form of media you wish.

The new prompt post will go live at midnight GMT (click here to convert to your own timezone), which is just a little under two hours away! Once it's up, I'll be making a few changes around this LJ, such as adding new banners to the pimping post and turning the current introduction post into a central hub post. Until then, start dreaming up prompts! ♥

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