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Hi everyone, this is a heads-up to let you know there won't be a new meme started at the beginning of October. Unlike most of the prompt posts that will be available here where there are years or even decades worth of canon to draw from, the DCnU is still brand spanking new. So I'm giving the DCnU Meme an extra month to take root and grow. And, of course, the Tim/Kon Meme is still up and running.

There will be a new prompt post at the beginning of November and December, and then another month off in January. After that, I'll be deciding on a more definite schedule (either a new prompt post every two months or every three months) and there will be polls allowing you guys to choose the next subject!

In the mean time, please try to pimp your favourite memes where possible - the more people participating, the more variety of prompts, fills and feedback! ♥

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