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02 December 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Prompt Masterlist - The Tim/Kon Meme  
The Tim/Kon Meme
Unfilled PromptsFilled Prompts

The Tim/Kon Meme
Unfilled Prompts
Listed in chronological order. Recreated here as summaries - click to see the full prompt.
New prompts will be marked with a
for one week.

Kon finds out Robin fooled around with Match. Which makes confessing his own feelings more complicated.
Tim realises Krypto has feelings for Conner and uses red kryptonite to make him more suggestible.
Tim modelling stockings, garters and lacy panties for Kon in a lingerie store.
Kon is determined to take Robin to the beach, even if it's in the middle of the night.
People assume Tim is the submissive but in all actuality Kon loves giving up all the power to Tim.
AU. Tim's just a nerdy kid obsessed with space who gets a surprise visit from a real and naked alien.
Kryptonians go through a mating cycle - they must mate or the heat of Pon Farr will kill them.
Kon saves Caroline Hill from getting mugged and flirts with her, not realising Caroline is actually Tim.
Kon is genderswapped, which is a catalyst to starting a relationship with Tim.
Someone accuses Batman and/or Superman of corrupting Tim and Kon and making them gay.
After learning Tim and Kon are dating, Dick's torn between teasing Tim or protecting his innocence.
Tim reuses the Mr Sarcastic identity. Kon realises he finds the forward and provocative attitude hot.
Tim makes Kon practice, even during sex. Especially during sex.
Tim and Kon's sex is imperfect and at times actually pretty uncomfortable, but they continue to try.
Tim being a virgin is a lie - he and Kon are in a sexual relationship. Keeping it secret is part of the fun.
Tim and Kon experience a horrible, gut-wrenching break up. Angst, with eventual reconciliation.
Red Robin #25 angst. The rape scene actually happens. Kon finds out.
Tim comes out as asexual. How does Kon feel about a boyfriend that loves him but doesn't want to have sex?
Being Timothy Wayne means you can't stop the bad guys when you're taken hostage. Superboy to the rescue!
Inception crossover. Tim and Kon meet Arthur and Cobb. Working together or working against each other.
Sweeney Todd crossover. Kon comes to the meat pie shop owned by Selina and Tim, looking for his sister Kara.
Kon levitates in his sleep. Unfortunately, being a cuddler, he keeps taking Tim with him.
Tim riding Kon. Leather kink. Kon with a collar and a chain leash. Tim with a cock ring. Orgasm denial.
At a public event, wearing formal wear, Kon teases Tim until Tim locks them in an empty room and rides Kon.
Red Robin and Superboy are outed as a couple. Gossip over Tim's sexuality soon risks their secret identities.
Tim stripping for Kon. "You can look, you can't touch."
Kon would really like Tim to take it easy while he's injured. Tim would really like to have sex instead. Tim wins.
Kon getting his ass spanked by Timmy.
Kon and Damian somehow manage to bond some because of their similarities. Jealous Tim does not approve.
Tim and Kon like to roleplay in the bedroom. What are they trying this week? Something like hero/villain?
Terry McGinnis winds up in the past. He and Kon instantly hit it off, with reciprocated flirting. Tim is not pleased.
Everyone suddenly wants a piece of Tim. Kon doesn't approve of his boy wonder being taken away.
Based off the movie HANNA, with Tim in Hanna's place.
Romeo and Juliet, with Kon as Romeo and Tim as Juliet.
Somehow, Tim ends up talking to Selina about Kon, and he accidentally calls her 'mom' before he can catch himself.
Picture prompt, based on a Tim version of Princess Cottongrass.
Post Infinite Crisis, Tim clones Kon. The clone goes public as the revived Superboy, he and Tim date. Then Kon returns.
What happens when Kon learns about the events of Arkham City and that Tim has adventured into the city by himself?
Kon tries to help Tim's and Damian's relationship, until Dick explains that Damian actually has a crush on Tim.
Peter Pan crossover, Conner visits the strange land of Gotham and meets The Goddamn Batman and his Lost Robin Boys.
Non-hero AU, Tim tags along with Bruce on a business trip to Metropolis and meets Kon, clone/child of Lex and Clark.
Tim was never Robin, becoming an intern at the Daily Planet instead and constantly being saved by Superboy.
Tim and Kon are together. When a Superboy from the past arrives in their present, they have to pretend to only be friends.
Bruce knows Tim likes Kon, which leads to him being hilariously petty and passive-aggressive towards Cassie.
Dick wants Tim to confess to Kon, so he won't end up like Dick, who's pined after Roy for years.
Young Avengers crossover. Tim and Billy start a new, darker team, but miss Kon and Teddy.
SG-1 crossover. Post-Infinite Crisis, Tim's undercover at the Deep Space Telemetry. When Kon returns, he looks for Tim.
Infinite Crisis AU, Tim dies during the fight with Superboy Prime, either as well as or instead of Kon.
Song prompt. After Red Robin #26, Tim struggling with himself and his darkness and Kon trying to comfort him.
Dancer AU, Tim is a ballet dancer, Kon is a street dancer, their two worlds collide and their dances change forever.
Tim following the tradition that kissing your lover at the start of fireworks means you'll be together forever.
Leverage AU. Leverage decides to pull a job where Tim Drake-Wayne is gathering intel, with Kon sticking close.
On a date at an expensive restaurant, Tim and Kon are treated poorly by the staff until they recognise Tim as a Wayne.
Tim and Kon think they've been doing a good job hiding their 'secret relationship'. They haven't.
Young Justice animated crossover, Tim and Kon are jealous when they discover YJ!Conner and YJ!Dick are an item.
Tanya Huff's Smoke and Shadows AU. Tim with Tony's backstory, being Robin by night, GED-wielding PA by day.
Football player Kon/cheerleader Tim, either as a high school/college AU or the two of them roleplaying with uniforms.
Kon thinks he's surprising Tim with a visit, only to find Tim has practiced self-bondage and is tied up and waiting for him.
Kon tries to convince Tim it's okay to be impulsive when it comes to sex with his best friend when he's been pining for years.
A fan-made video that would be a good inspiration for a fic.
In an obligatory parenting class where they're given practice babies to raise, Tim and Conner are paired together.
After breaking up with Cassie, Kon starts going on dates. Including with guys. Kon notices that Tim is acting a little off.
Tim and Kon having fun playing a round of paintball/gotcha.
Tim and Kon are finally together and happy. Then Tana Moon comes back from the dead. Angst with a happy ending.
Song prompt, Kon playing a guitar and singing when he's asking Tim out, preferably in a non-superhero AU.
Song prompt, Wallet by Regina Spektor. Tim finding a wallet, thinking about what the weird random things in it tell him.
Kryptonians suffer the need to mate, and when they are not successful in securing a mate they eventually destroy themselves.
Smut and fluff, Teen Titans or later. Tim and Kon being toothache-inducingly sweet together.
Kon being affected by solar flares, Tim helping Kon deal with alternately being extra super and depowered.
AU, Tim is a prince cursed by a magician - he's a robin by day, returning to his human form at night when he bathes in a creek.
Kon goes into pon-farr. He and Tim aren't dating, so he attempts to avoid the fact that he needs to have sex with Tim.
In the Unternet, Tim pounces on a fantasy version of Kon, realizing too late that he's actually having sex with the real Kon.
Sexual desires trigger Supers' ice breath instead of heat vision, Kon struggles to keep from accidentally freezing Tim.
Tim is asexual. Conner can accept that Tim's not interested in sex, but that doesn't mean he completely understands.
Kon/Tim/Conner, Conners making a Tim sandwich. Any kinks would be good, but DP is always appreciated.
Tim gets hit with a spell that compels him to speak and tell the truth.
Tim thinking that Kon has died again. When Kon tracks Tim down, Tim thinks Kon is just in his head now.
A fluffy, goofy, romantic double-date between Tim/Kon and Steph/Kara.
Picture prompt, universe swap Tim/Kon with original!DCU and DCnU versions of the characters being thrown together.
Kon announces he's figured out Tim's secret, setting up a sparkly vampire joke. Tim thinks Kon's realised Tim's crush.
Since Kon died, Tim and Dick have been sleeping together and are developing feelings. Then Kon comes back.
Anything inspired by Katy Perry's ET.
The Doctor Who episode 'The Doctor's Daughter' resonates with Kon, he gets upset over the similarities to his life.
Tim and Kon enter a wet t-shirt contest.
Either Tim or Kon or both enjoys seeing his partner come all over his underwear.
After a hot new male team mate becomes interested in Tim, Kon realises he wants Tim all to himself.
Song prompt, based on All You Did Was Save My Life, from Tim to Kon; either one sided or Kon loves him too.
Darker Than Black crossover, the Hell's Gate incident causes some heroes/civilians become Contractors, including Tim.
One or both the boys gets hit with sex pollen during a mission. They attempt to carry on as normal, but they're basically doomed.
Kon fucks Tim while someone else watches and masturbates.

The Tim/Kon Meme
Filled Prompts
Listed in chronological order of prompts, then (in the case of multiple fills) chronological order of fills.
New fills will be marked with a
for one week.
Updated WIPs will be marked with a
for one week.

Tim has to ask for Kon's help on an undercover mission which involves Tim cross-dressing.
- FILL: Art!fill by manialoll-kun
- FILL: When I First Laid Eyes On You (WIP) by manialoll
- FILL: That Awkward Moment When... by manialoll-kun
Kon likes feeling Tim up with his TTK. Especially when they're in public.
- FILL: Keeping Count by kuyeng_thl
- FILL: Café Au Lait by salmon_pink
Tim just wants to eat his ice cream in peace. Kon's decided ice cream tastes best when licked off somebody's skin.
- FILL: Strawberry by anon
- FILL: I Scream, You Scream by salmon_pink
- FILL: You’re My Favorite Flavor by sweety8587
Anything to do with Kon's reaction to seeing Tim without a mask for the first time.
- FILL: Unmasked by salmon_pink
Post-Final Crisis, Kon is really, really fascinated with all the ways Tim's body has changed and grown.
- FILL: Worship by sweety8587
Tim uses Rose's seduction tactics on Kon. Meaning Kon finds naked Tim in his bed.
- FILL: Untitled Art!Fill by anon
Secret!Dom!Kon and Secret!Sub!Tim.
- FILL: Some Secrets by misssynph
Cass reading body language. To her, it's obvious Tim and Kon are crazy about each other.
- FILL: Teenagers by usmc75
People keep trying to use him as a virgin sacrifice, so Tim decides it's time to lose his V-card. Enter Kon-el.
- FILL: Playing the V-Card by airawyn
Kon and Tim dealing with an overprotective/disapproving Papa Bats or other members of the cockblocking!Batfamily.
- FILL: Bat Chastity Belts by kuyeng_thl
When controlled by Luthor, he has Conner teach Tim a lesson about power. Dub-con or non-con.
- FILL: Power by anon
Costume!Kink. Tim wants Kon to go back to spandex so he can ogle Kon's backside.
- FILL: The Spandex Implementation by wisiaden
Slave/Master AU. Prince Kon-el has an entire harem but all he wants is Bruce Wayne's youngest slave Tim.
- FILL: Whatever You Want by kuyeng_thl
Bruce and Clark arrange for Tim and Kon to be married. They aren't very happy about it...at first.
- FILL: My kind is not your kind by ayzilia
Infinite Crisis AU. Kon survived the fight with Superboy Prime. Tim died saving people from burning buildings.
- FILL: Bats don't cry by anon
- FILL: Another Time, Another Place by anon
Kon finds out that on Tim's first Robin adventure he wore Jason's old suit, complete with Robin panties.
- FILL: the costume makes the man by animegoil
- FILL: Green With Frenzy by salmon_pink
Bruce and Clark are getting married. Will Tim and Kon's stepbrotherhood put the brakes on their relationship?
- FILL: My Big Bat-Kryptonian Wedding (WIP) by airawyn
Post-Final Crisis. The first time Kon and Tim sleep together after Kon's resurrection.
- FILL: One Year Later by airawyn
A twisted villain has set Tim and Kon up in a scenario where if they don't have sex, they'll die!
- FILL: Under Pressure by phyllomania
Kon moans the wrong name with Cassie. She invites Tim to join them. It's not what she hoped.
- FILL: Whim by anon
Tim and Kon both manage to get caught and tied to each other. Face to face.
- FILL: Awkward x2 by sweety8587
Tim is hit with sex pollen. Kon knows Tim's not in control but he can't help enjoying the attention.
- FILL: Cloudy With A Chance Of Sex Pollen by airawyn
During sex, Kon gives it hard and rough - breaking the bed, breaking the wall, breaking TIM.
- FILL: Gravity (WIP) by anon
Kon gets sick and his powers go haywire. His TTK keeps dragging Tim back to his bedside.
- FILL: Not Really Thirsty by kuyeng_thl
Krypto likes to take care of Kon. So when Kon is horny, Krypto fetches him Tim.
- FILL: Fetching by salmon_pink
Damian realises if he can convince Tim to start dating Kon, Tim will spend less time in Gotham.
- FILL: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and Damian Wayne by sweety8587
During a game of Spin The Bottle, Tim and Kon end up making out and realise they really enjoy it.
- FILL: Spin the Bottle by batwest
Tim succeeded in cloning Kon and has kept the clone secreted away. Now the real Kon is back.
- FILL: Hey Kon, you're an older brother now (WIP) by katrinbisiani
Tim and Kon decide to have sex, but instead wind up spending hours talking until they both drift off.
- FILL: Wanna have sex? by anon
Kon and Tim end up on a mission together somewhere incredibly cold. Kon insists on sharing body heat.
- FILL: Sharing body heat by anon
In a world where people with super powers are slaves/kept as pets, Tim is given Kon as a gift.
- FILL: Yours, Mine by kuyeng_thl
Five times Tim and Kon almost kissed and one time they actually did.
- FILL: You Know You Wanna Kiss Him by anon
Kon and Tim identify as straight. After realising their mutual attraction, they both freak out in different ways.
- FILL: Pandora's Other Box by slytherinblack
In the showers, Kon's x-ray vision accidentally give him an eyeful of Tim jerking off.
- FILL: Alive and pumping by batstalker
- FILL: Jerk Off by sweety8587
Tim worries Kon only agreed to date him because Kon didn't know how to say no.
- FILL: Just a Boy Who Can't Say No by anon
Tim abuses Kon's superhearing by talking dirty to him long-distance when he knows Kon is occupied.
- FILL: Dirty Talk by bitternarration
Tim's artistic eye means he watches people constantly. Kon mistakes it for Tim looking to stray and feels insecure.
- FILL: By Sight and Sound by kuyeng_thl
- FILL: The Art of Looking by animegoil
Piercing kink. Kon has jewels on his jewels, leaving Tim craving the taste of steel.
- FILL: Like Metal by Miss Synph
Tim and Kon are head-over-heels for each other. Jason is an annoying jerk of an older brother.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Tim dreaming of multiple Kons and all the fun ways they can make Tim whimper or scream.
- FILL: Sticky Subconscious by sweety8587
A spell makes Tim act feline-like. At first, it's not a big deal but soon he's snuggling Kon in front of everyone.
- FILL: Curiosity Killed the Cat by kuyeng_thl
Tim has been having a rough time lately. Kon is there to make him feel better with cuddles.
- FILL: Touch and Voice by anon
Tim gets a glimpse of his future and is surprised to see himself married to Kon and raising a baby.
- FILL: Sons of Their Fathers by anon
Krypto gives Kon an injured robin to nurse. Eventually Kon discovers the robin is Tim, who's been missing.
- FILL: Robin the robin by anon
AU. Kon is terrified Tim will ask him to choose between their relationship and saving the world.
- FILL: This Way by kuyeng_thl
Kon asks Tim to a dance, then proceeds to be an overprotective boyfriend.
- FILL: Cause and Effect by somehowunbroken
Tim and Kon somehow end up switching bodies and are stuck that way until they can figure out how to switch back.
- FILL: His Hands by anon
Kon stumbles upon gay porn and one of the actors looks like Tim. Kon's suprised by how aroused he is.
- FILL: The issue at hand by batstalker
Kon likes big butts and cannot lie, Tim has a great one.
- FILL: The Sweeter the Pushing by misssynph
Tim can't make a sound in Kon's presence. Not knowing why, Kon tries everything to get Tim to react to him.
- FILL: Mute by slytherinblack
Tim sleeps naked and Kon somehow finds out!
- FILL: The Best Laid Plans of Bats by slytherinblack
- FILL: Dirty Thoughts by sweety8587
Dick gets it into his head that Tim and Kon have to hook up and attempts to set the two up.
- FILL: Time For Plan F? by slytherinblack
Kon's pushing himself too hard, repeatedly putting himself in danger. Frustrated and scared, Tim starts drinking.
- FILL: All He Wants by anon
Kon never lets Tim go out patrolling without a hickey underneath the Robin insignia.
- FILL: Possessive Men and the Marks They Leave by anon
Tim and Kon are at one of Bruce's events and they dance where no one can see them, with or without music.
- FILL: The gentle tune of your heart by anon
Tim loves photography. Tim loves Kon. Tim loves sex with Kon. He decides to bring these three points together.
- FILL: Click by wisiaden
Tim is in love with his best friend, Kon is totally oblivious. Make it sad, with optional happy ending.
- FILL: My heart is yours for the taking by castor
Mpreg. Tim knocked up by Kon and fluffiness ensues.
- FILL: Beginnings by slytherinblack
Tim is a young photographer. He meets Superboy, and becomes obsessed with figuring out his secret identity.
- FILL: Shutter-eye bynwisiaden
Either Tim or Kon getting the message from The Call from the other and suspecting infidelity is going on.
- FILL: The Call by anon
Tim won't get naked in front of Kon because he's scared to let Kon see how many scars he has.
- FILL: Your Impinged Upon Flesh by keelover
After they are caught making out, Tim and Kon get The Talk from Batman and Superman.
- FILL: 4 Kinds of Awkward by anon
Tim and Kon abusing the Young Justice/Titans Tower swimming pool.
- FILL: It's rude to stare by sweety8587
Kon starred in porn to make ends meet. Tim finds out.
- FILL: About that one time... (WIP) by anon
Tim becoming more and more unhinged or even turning into a supervillain and how Kon would react to this.
- FILL: So Open My Eyes, and See by keelover
- FILL: Cypher by kyrdwyn
Smutty, enthusiastic sex, where the headboard ends up breaking.
- FILL: No More Wood by sweety8587
Kryptonians can produce pheromones. Anything, as long as it's fully consensual.
- FILL: Until We Stop by keelover
Anything relating to Harry Potter! Dressing up, discussing the books, visiting the theme park, or a Hogwarts AU.
- FILL: Who Needs a Sorting Hat? by slytherinblack
Size kink. Tim totally gets off on how tall and broad Kon is compared to him. And maybe Kon loves how tiny Tim is.
- FILL: Untitled by doyou123
- FILL: That Tim Thing by anon
Set in Arkham City. Kon reacts when he finds out about the vile threats the inmates threw at Robin.
- FILL: Heartbeat by bitternarration
- FILL: You can't escape Arkham by animegoil
Tim can't sleep cause Kon is snoring right in his ear.
- FILL: Sleeping Like a Clone by slytherinblack
DCnU, Kon reacts to Miguel's interest in Tim by becoming extremely territorial and claiming Tim as his own.
- FILL: Jealous by slytherinblack
Mpreg, Tim panics when he finds out that he's pregnant with Kon's baby.
- FILL: Unconventional by slytherinblack
Tim and Kon are caught looking dishevelled in a closet at a Wayne gala after changing out of their costumes, causing gossip.
- FILL: Tonight at Eleven by somehowunbroken
Tim and Kon get together, only to find everyone in the superhero community was in on a betting pool about it.
- FILL: Chances by kuyeng_thl
The Batfamily are preparing for Christmas. Festive fic with the whole Bat-clan and Super-clan.
- FILL: Selecting the Perfect Present by sweety8587
Tim was pretty seriously neglected as a child. How does that affect his relationship with Kon? Does Kon even know?
- FILL: Simplicity in your arms by ran_mouri
Tim and Kon try cooking together, but it's an effort in futility. It dissolves into a food fight.
- FILL: What's Cookin' Good Lookin' by anon
Tim and Kon's wedding becomes a kind of superhero royal wedding, with mash-up names and souvenirs. Tim's horrified.
- FILL: The Super Batty Wedding of 20XX by sweety8587
Kon decides to prove to Tim that he CAN have self-control, by fucking Tim with his TTK while he calmly watches.
- FILL: Control by potatopeeling
Kon has a weird obsession with kissing Tim's back. All over. Especially when Tim's just waking up or falling asleep.
- FILL: Morning Kisses by sweety8587
- FILL: Midnight Kisses by sweety8587
Tim and Kon being a couple of years older and just being adorable with their kid and Krypto.
- FILL: Baby Steps and Doggie Kisses by anon
Kon gets exposed to the Smallville version of Red Kryptonite, causing him to reveal his attraction to Tim.
- FILL: His World, Scented Red by StarShine SoBright
- FILL: Seeing Red by sweety8587
Asexual Tim. When Kon asks when Tim'll be ready to take their relationship "to the next level," he's not expecting "never".
- FILL: Let's Talk About You and Me by Miss Synph
Established relationship, Tim tracks Blue Kryptonite down so that he have some sexy bondage time with Kon.
- FILL: Time on My Hands (Could Be Time Spent with You) by slytherinblack
- FILL: Sweet Restraint by aionyu
Song prompt, Tim is still wearing Kon's colors, Kon takes a chance and hopes he's not wrong.
- FILL: I'll Wear Your Colors, My Dear by keelover
Kon just wants to take Tim out on a nice date. Except something keeps screwing up.
- FILL: Us by slytherinblack
Kon and Bruce talk about Tim. Bruce being fatherly and worrying about Tim, Kon telling him that he's serious about Tim.
- FILL: Intentions by kyrdwyn
Tim gets kidnapped and gang raped. Kon can see cum and blood slip out of Tim while Tim stands there with his stoic face.
- FILL: Gang rape by anon
Tim temporarily gets Kon's powers and then they have super sex that literally makes the earth shake.
- FILL: Anyone Else, and This Might Sound Odd by keelover
A hate group adopts Kon as their mascot for the perfect Christian American Boy. Kon is not amused.
- FILL: Untitled by slytherinblack
Kon's super-stamina means he can go for hours. Tim, being Tim, finds a way to keep up.
- FILL: More Is Better Than One (WIP) by breathesunshine
Tim watching Kon jerk off. Whether Kon's aware of this or not is up to the filler.
- FILL: Watch This by misssynph
Tim has his wisdom teeth out, with complications that leave him in a lot of pain. Kon is horrified and freaked out.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Kon fisting Tim!
- FILL: it's a trust issue by misssynph

Bonus Fills
Sometimes spam/misfire comments happen. Sometimes spam comments inspire fills.
New bonus fills will be marked with a
for one week.

Spam comment
- FILL: Untitled by airawyn

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