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02 December 2011 @ 08:55 pm
Prompt Masterlist - The DCnU Meme  
The DCnU Meme
Unfilled PromptsFilled Prompts

The DCnU Meme
Unfilled Prompts
Listed in chronological order. Recreated here as summaries - click to see the full prompt.
New prompts will be marked with a
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Wally. He's not in the DCnU because he's dimensional traveling. Epic adventures! (Wally/hot dudes bonus.)
Clark/everyone. Now that Clark is fantastically single, he gets to have sex with everyone and it's awesome.
Clark. Costume stuffing - yes, that really is a loaf of bread shoved in there!
Lian, Roy. Roy learns he has a daughter. Juggling superheroics with a toddler while working with the Outlaws.
Mia. What's her place in the DCnU? Does she run into the Arrows, the Outlaws, Rose, or somebody else?
Connor. What's his role? Maybe he seeks Ollie out. Maybe he meets Dinah while she's on a mission with the Birds.
Clark/Kara. Kara's seen the way Clark looks in the costume, now she wants to know how he looks without it.
J'onn/Apollo/Midnighter. J'onn was told to recruit Apollo and Midnighter "by any means necessary".
Steph/Barbara. Steph has to save Barbara when the new Batgirl gets in over her head.
Jason/Roy. Roy accidentally calls Jason "Dick". Jason isn't going to let that stand. Punishment time!
Sir Ystin/Any. Snarky Sir Ystin flirting with someone and messing with their heads about fixed gender roles.
Damian, Bruce. Something happens that proves that Damian isn't Bruce's biological son. He's actually Jason's.
Jason/Roy/Kory. Sex on the beach. Bottom!Roy bonus.
Starfire/Jason/Roy. Starfire is acting to get Jason and Roy into bed with each other, with or without her.
Selina/Bruce. The first time Selina Kyle mingles with Bruce Wayne at a party, and realizes he's HER Batman.
Jason/Roy. Jason and Roy have an ongoing on/off fling. It's always just a matter of time before they sleep together.
Booster/Ted. Booster remembers the old universe but can't change it back, so he insinuates himself into Ted's life.
Kyle/Emotional Entities. The Emotional Entities all want Kyle to be their host, so he has sex with them with all.
Tim/Kon. Why is Tim living in a penthouse at Lex Towers of all places? Tim/Lex subtext bonus.
Selina/Cassie. Selina and Cassie team-up, with Selina passing on her cat-burglar wisdom to an eager Cassie.
Catwoman/Starfire. Unhappy with their lots in life, they're glad to meet someone who knows what the other is feeling.
Voodoo/Fallon. Fallon's search ends in the private room of a club. Voodoo's lapdance leaves them both wanting more.
Wonder Woman/Supergirl. When Kara crashes in Russia, it's not Kal who finds her first.
Supergirl/Voodoo. Sometimes, an alien just needs someone who understands what it's like.
Green Arrow. "The last time I did, I watched people die. People I could have saved. People I should have saved." Angsty flashbacks.
Tim/Jason. Various encounters as Tim grows into his role as Red Robin.
Midnighter. Midnighter's been trailing Apollo for over a year now. Some of his thoughts during that time.
Red, Rose. Getting away from the lab, doing something mundane and snarking at each other.
Karen. Karen doesn't know that Michael's a superhero, but there's a lot Michael doesn't know about Karen, too.
Dinah/Starling. Preferably something exciting.
Bruce/Hal. Bruce tops. Bonus points if Hal's never been bottomed before, or never been with a man before.
Hal/Barry, Clark/Bruce. Somehow this JL undercover mission has turned into a double date.
Kyle Rayner/Anyone. People keep licking him now to see if he tastes like Skittles. Bonus if it leads to sex.
Voodoo/Fallon. Hatesex.
Carmen/Bonnie. The Body Doubles celebrate the end of a successful mission.
Damian/Dick. Trying to maintain a long distance (romantic) relationship without Bruce finding out.
Batfamily. Badly or well written Mary Sue crack!
Tim/Miguel. An adorably awkward date, where they find themselves getting along extraordinarily well.
Bruce/Ollie. Out-of-costume encounter, where the two are appeasing their board. Gen or slash.
Cissie, Teen Titans. DCU crossover. Scared of being forgotten, Cissie's now the only one who remembers the original DCU.
Abigail Arcane/Mitch Shelley. Abigail can kill with a touch. Mitch can't die. Clearly a match made in heaven.
Wonder Girl/Catwoman. They bond like only thieves can do. By stealing all the superheroines' panties.
Mitch/Bonnie/Carmen. When Bonnie and Carmen realize Mitch lost his memories, they decide to mess with him.
Clark/Bruce. How do the Justice League find out their identities and react to the two of them being married?
Any male Lantern/Kyle. A male character masturbates to the thought of Kyle wearing the male's ring.
Hal/Sinestro. Mpreg, the Lantern's attempt to help Hal has caused Hal to be pregnant with Sinestro's child!
Guy/J'onn. Before mindwiping Guy's memory of himself, J'onn has sex with Guy.
Arkillo/Sinestro. Arkillo has a giant huge mancrush on Sinestro.
Larfleeze/Kyle. Non-con, Larfleeze decides he wants his own Torchbearer and he is gonna get one, no matter what.
Sinestro/his entire Corps. Being part of the Sinestro Corps also means you are secretly part of Sinestro's harem.
Guy/Kyle. Guy's reaction to Kyle leaving the GL Corps is to ALSO leave the Corps to go and guard Kyle's back.
Soranik Natu. Theories on what Sora was doing while the Sinestro Corps was rampaging all over Korurgar.
Sinestro/Hal. Sinestro puts Hal in a collar and makes Hal be his dog. And then sexy fightysex for dominance happens.
Arsona/Hal. Because it would be really hot.
Sinestro/Hal. Inspired by the cover of Green Lantern #5, Hal and Sinestro are dancing on a pile of corpses.
Batman/Hal. Batman teaches Hal to respect his authority. With his penis.
Saint Walker/Kyle. Kyle and Walker are having sex when Kyle discovers Walker's penis can spin.
Barry/Manuel. Anything. Preferably from before Barry was the Flash, but after is fine too.
Guy/Booster. Guy knows he's overreacting to Booster being the leader of JLI, because he has a crush on the kid.
Bruce, Clark. Bruce reverts to a five year old form and fears Superman due to a traumatizing event from childhood.
Voodoo/Body Doubles. Bonnie and Carmen are sent to find Voodoo. Things don't go as planned.
Batgirl/Black Canary. After Barbara's recovery, she goes to her girlfriend. Things with Dinah don't go as planned.
Dick/Roy/Jason. There was a 2 for 1 sale on former Robins at Bat-mart! Roy making quips and everyone getting a turn.
Clark/Bruce. Bruce discovers that Clark's semen makes the people it comes in contact with desperately horny for him.
Wally. Wally in the DCnU. He could be a thief, assassin, scientist, reporter, speedster, a hero with different powers, anything.
Bruce/Clark. To help Bruce settle down, Batmite turns Clark into a woman. He can't reverse the spell.
Jason/Roy. Roy's sober, but Jason fingerfucks an 8-ball into him. Lots of guilt and angst from both of them.
Any. Anything focusing on the new costumes in the DCnU where we get some nice descriptions of their new threads.
Body Doubles. Shopping trip, packing for a retrieval.
Body Doubles. The only one that matters is you.
Barry/Ollie/Hal. I really want to see Hal getting double-teamed by Ollie and Barry.
Priscilla Kitaen/Voodoo. (Literal) identity porn.
Mary, Queen of Blood/Starling. Mary attacks Starling, she gets a different reaction than the terror she's used to.
Green Arrow/Skylark. The triplets tie Ollie down and have their way with him. Ollie smiles and quips the whole time.
Carmen Leno/Bonnie Hoffman/Suriel. With their primary target gone, the Body Doubles capture an angel instead.
Jason, Tim. In RHATO 8, how did Jason and Tim come to their business arrangement?
Roy/Kori. RHATO 8, Roy and Kori's date. How does it go? Include Jason if you want to.
Skitter/Wonder Girl. Skitter decides to show Cassie that she can be quite pleasant to be around.
Jonah Hex/Z.C. Branke. Violent sex.
Madame Xanadu/Mary, Queen of Blood. Immortality. They run into one another several times throughout history.
Jaina Hudson/White Rabbit. Well, they're a good excuse for some fun selfcest now aren't they?
Hal/Barry. He tries not to think too much about it. Barry is dating Green Lantern now. And he's honestly ok with that.
Kon/Cassie. When Kon tries to imagine what sex must be like, he can't help picturing that first fight with Cassie.
Bart/Tim. Tim fails to realise Bart drives him crazy because he likes him. He gets a clue when Bart kisses him.
Supergirl/Silver Banshee. Siobahn teaches Kara earth culture. Can be fluffy, sexy, or both.
Any character(s) missing from the DCnU. They're still there, only nobody else can see them.
Any. Utimate Marvel crossover, any DCnU characters interacting with characters from Marvel's Ultimateverse.
Ystin/Exoristos. To Amazons, a sparring match is just foreplay.
Barbara/Alysia Yeoh. When Alysia starts asking too many questions, Barbara has to come up with a quick distraction.
Aquaman/Ya'wara. What Mera doesn't know won't hurt her.
Harley/Ivy. They've got new looks, new friends, new teams. What do they think of the other's position in the DCnU?
Dick/any. Any character being ridiculously glad Dick's out of the Batman suit and back as Nightwing.
Madame Xanadu/Constantine. Constantine wants nothing to do with Xanadu's team, so she finds ways to persuade him.
Jason/Dick. While back in Gotham, Jason makes time to pay Dick a private visit...
Kyle/Fatality. She got her ring back, now she wants Kyle.
Voodoo/Priscilla Kitaen/Jessica Fallon. Voodoo has Priscilla and Fallon in her clutches, and decides to make them her slaves.
Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer. Write the scene from Batwoman where they alluded to having sex all over the apartment.
Supergirl/Silver Banshee. Siobahn gets Kara some Earth clothes, then can't wait to get them off her again.
Any. DCU crossover, somehow characters from the original DCU get thrown together with characters from the DCnU.
Catwoman/Reach. Violent, sexy fighting. With the ripping off of clothes. Possibly some "dirty" tactics.
Batgirl/Nightwing. Celebrating Barbara's recovery.
Andrew Bennett/Mary Seward. Andrew and Mary live in a large group of vampires, and Mary is an exhibitionist. Public sex.
Starling/Catwoman. Catwoman steals something from Starling. Starling chases her and catches her.
Body Doubles/Mitch Shelley. Instead of taking Mitch back to their bosses, the Body Doubles decide to have some fun.
Wonder Woman/Strife. Strife decides to get Diana drunk and have some fun.
Black Canary/Starling/Katana/Poison Ivy/Batgirl. The girls have a party. The sexy kind.
Dick/Roy. Established BDSM relationship, dom!Dick. Dick shows up at the Outlaws current HQ to reclaim his sub.
Batman/Catwoman. Sweet and filthy.
Starfire/any. Starfire doesn't remember her sexual partners. What happens when she doesn't recognise an ex?
Alec Holland/Abigail Arcane. Her touch is painful, even deadly. But it's worth it.
Power Girl/Huntress. Kara finally gets the chance to go home but discovers that only she can go back and not Helena.
Jason/Bunker. Because of reasons.
Bruce/Selina. When the anger fades.
Batman/Catwoman. She always tops.
Zatanna/Constantine. Zatanna and Constantine play strip poker...and Constantine is terrible at it.
Dick/Kory/Roy/Donna. Dick/Kory and Roy/Donna have a swinger's night, but swapping partners works more than one way.
Batman/Catwoman/Superman. Batman and Catwoman already have a thing. Superman gets involved. Selina's in the middle.
Miguel Barragan/Richie Foley. Bunker meeting a slightly older Gear and flirting with him while Richie is far too geeky to cope.
Batman/Catwoman. Batman and the real Catwoman laughing at the impostor that Judd Winick is writing.
Lex Luthor/Shego. Kim Possible crossover, Lex learns Shego's powers are more harmful to Superman then Kryptonite.
Bruce/Dick. Sex pollen. Instead of "I randomly want to bone you", it's more of a "repressed desires come to the surface".
Kiran/Bart/Miguel. Miguel is attracted to Bart. Kiran and Bart have a thing. Kiran doesn't mind sharing if she can watch.
Nightwing/Talon. Non-con, incest, the Court would have their prize, even if William had to break his heir first.
Dick/Jason. Dick stripping and making out with Jason's memorial case because he thinks he can't have Jason.
Hal/Barry. Hal likes bar hopping and he always drags Barry along. Bonus points for consensual drunk sexy times.

The DCnU Meme
Filled Prompts
Listed in chronological order of prompts, then (in the case of multiple fills) chronological order of fills.
New fills will be marked with a
for one week.
Updated WIPs will be marked with a
for one week.

Cass/Steph. The reason they’re MIA is they’re in Hong Kong, playing rooftop tag.
- FILL: Flying in Hong Kong by anon
Dick and Damian. Damian starts every night at Bruce's side, but he always ends the night at Dick's.
- FILL: Round Robin by slytherinblack
Jason/Kory/Roy. Roy isn't going to sleep with Jason and Kory, no matter how tempting they are. Honest.
- FILL: Token Gestures by salmon_pink
Clark. He's always been single. So why does he feel like something terribly important is missing?
- FILL: Dreams, Like Far Off Memories by anon
Dick/Wally. Wally has suddenly disappeared. Only Dick seems to know he ever existed.
- FILL: Anamnesis by anon
Hal/Bruce. Inspired by their interaction in Justice League #1.
- FILL: In-Flight Entertainment by salmon_pink
Clark/Bruce. Laying eyes on each other for the first time, weighing each other up, suspicion and lust.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Damian. He's the fifth Robin - in Arabic cultures, five is a lucky number. It protects from the evil eye.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Tim, Cassie, Kon and Bart. They don't know why it feels so right that they've found each other, but now they're inseparable.
- FILL: Ghosts Among Them by anon
Booster/Ted. Booster's life feels joyless. Then he meets a new supporter of the team...inventor Ted Kord.
- FILL: Crisis of Confidence by mithen
Lian, Roy. The Outlaws find a baby and decide to take it in. Roy names her Lian.
- FILL: Cradle and All by thecivilunrest
Tim/Kon. There's no reason to connect Kon's intimate VR experiences with Tim to this Red Robin guy. Right?
- FILL: Over the Moon by manialoll
- FILL: Never Thought I'd Get This Chance by manialoll
Bruce/Clark. Bruce has "researched" Clark. By spending hours staring at pictures and footage of Clark in action.
- FILL: Power by anon
Tim/Jason. Tim realises the Red Hood has run off with Roy and Kori and can't stop thinking about joining them.
- FILL: The Greater Good(bye) by kuyeng_thl
Tim/Cassie. Sometimes Cassie feels Tim's really got her back. Other times, he's the most annoying road trip partner ever.
- FILL: Untitled by mary_greenman
Voodoo/Jessica Fallon. Anything, as long as it's adult-rated. And preferably taking place in a bedroom.
- FILL: Chase Scene by rijsg
Tim and Cassie. Cassie suspects Tim is gay and tries to set him up so he'll stop tailing her.
- FILL: Playing Cupid by yournuke
Any. Memory bleed-through of old DCU, the characters don't know what they're missing, just that something is not right.
- FILL: Untitled by jayeinacross
- FILL: Phantom Limb by rijsg
Any. One sentence fics, any characters, any pairings, anything goes.
- FILL: Fic batch 1 by anon
- FILL: Untitled by rijsg
Jason, Tim. There isn't time to explain why they have to run, so Jason just grabs Tim and runs.
- FILL: All in the Tells by kuyeng_thl
Jason, Tim. Jason and Tim are on something approaching good terms. How about 5 times they had a meal together.
- FILL: Breakfast at Tim's by kuyeng_thl
Kon/Tim. Tim didn't expect to find himself pinned to the floor, Kon examining every inch of his skin like he's fascinating.
- FILL: Acclimation by slytherinblack
Any Robin/Talon. When they're fighting, it feels like flying.
- FILL: Gotham Zombies by anon
Any. DCU flashbacks. It's the first time they've touched like this, so why does it feel so familiar?
- FILL: Dance in the Dark by i_paint_the_sky
- FILL: Bleed-Through by salmon_pink
- FILL: Bleeding Snow by slytherinblack
Any. Selfcest, any character from the DCU meets their DCnU counterpart. Somehow, sex ensues.
- FILL: Like Minds by rijsg
- FILL: Hoodwinked by salmon_pink
Any. Threesome, a character finds themselves sandwiched between the DCU and DCnU versions of a second character.
- FILL: Novelty by salmon_pink
Red Hood + Justice League + Batfamily = ?
- FILL: The truth among the secrets by erin_starlight
Starling/Black Canary. Starling likes being spanked. Hard. She talks Canary into doing it to her.
- FILL: Lay It On Me by salmon_pink

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