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02 December 2011 @ 08:58 pm
Prompt Masterlist - The DCU Femslash Meme  
The DCU Femslash Meme
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The DCU Femslash Meme
Filled Prompts
Listed in chronological order of prompts, then (in the case of multiple fills) chronological order of fills.
New fills will be marked with a
for one week.
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Harley/Ivy. Sometimes, Ivy gets lonely that there's only one person she can touch. Harley loves to cheer her up.
- FILL: Staying Human by ryu19
Steph/Kara. Kara's costume shows a lot of flesh. Steph probably shouldn't find herself so distracted by that.
- FILL: Costume Kink by anon
- FILL: Super-Blue by salmon_pink
Ystin/Exoristos. Arguing about practical versus awesome armor choices leads to more.
- FILL: Girl Talk by rijsg
Dinah/Starling. DCnU, Ivy uses sex pollen on them, accidental or deliberate on Ivy's part.
- FILL: In Vino, Veritas (And a Little Something Extra) by rijsg
Steph/Cass. Costume kink, one or both of them wearing Barbara's Batgirl suit.
- FILL: Batgirls by batmaster
Any. Batman/Robin femslash, either roleplaying, standing in for the real Dynamic Duo or a genderswap AU.
- FILL: Seduced Into by ryu19
- FILL: Exploration by anon
Ivy/Catwoman. Arkham City, Catwoman is nice to Ivy's flower instead of destroying it, Ivy returns the favour.
- FILL: Special Delivery by rijsg
Power Girl/Starfire. Karen and Kory think it would be fun to go as each other for a costume party.
- FILL: Dress up, Dress down by anon
Kate Kane/Any. Voyeurism. Batwoman gets to see some interesting things when she's perched on top of buildings.
- FILL: Vantage Point by rijsg
Power Girl/Terra. Atlee may be naïve about a lot of things, but it turns out sex isn’t one of them.
- FILL: Cold Winter Night by rijsg
Renee/Kate/Maggie. Renee wants to reunite with Kate, but seeing Kate and Maggie together gives her doubts.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
- FILL: One day in Gotham by drop2233
Poison Ivy/Starling. Ivy shows Starling why she's actually quite enjoyable to be around.
- FILL: A Very Curvy Book by ryu19
Dinah/Starling. All those action-packed missions really turn Starling on. And so does Dinah.
- FILL: An Awesome Day by ryu19
Zatanna Zatara/Black Canary. Anything dealing with fishnet stockings.
- FILL: Ground Rules by anon
Mary Jane/Lois Lane. Marvel crossover, acting on the attraction they feel after a chance meeting in Vegas.
- FILL: Found by ryu19
Dinah/Helena. They both get worked up after a good fight. Sometimes the tension is too much to put off.
- FILL: Adrenaline High by rijsg
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya. Renee punishes Kate by spanking her.
- FILL: Punishing by ryu19
Wonder Woman/Black Canary. Diana has found a woman worthy of the title of Amazon away from home.
- FILL: Homecoming by anon
Catwoman/Black Canary. Little black dresses and cocktail parties are just the thing for these two.
- FILL: Black Dresses by rijsg
Supergirl/Anyone. Skirt kink - "The skirt stays on."
- FILL: The Skirt by ryu19
Zatanna/Anyone. Zatanna casts a spell on a girl that makes her uncontrollably horny whenever she thinks of Zatanna.
- FILL: Always On Her Mind by ryu19
Dinah/Starling. When Starling finds a woman who can keep up with her taste for excitement, how can she resist?
- FILL: The Moment by ryu19
Huntress/Black Canary. Huntress domming Canary. Hard. Possibly with a strap-on. Rough sex suits them.
- FILL: Mine by anon
Zatanna/Catwoman. Orgasm denial.
- FILL: Ecneitapmi Si Ton A Eutriv by salmon_pink
Power Girl/Huntress. Super seduction isn't a power, but Karen manages just fine.
- FILL: Bats aren't the only ones who can plan by anon
Diana/Selina/Lois. Due to an anonymous death threat against Catwoman and Lois, Wonder Woman plays bodyguard.
- FILL: New Bonds by ryu19
- FILL: Cabin Fever by anon
Ivy/Harley. Harley has a bit of a masochistic streak, and she loves it when Ivy takes control.
- FILL: What She Wants by rijsg
Black Canary/Starling/Poison Ivy/Katana. What do they do when they aren't on a mission? The sexier the better!
- FILL: A Good Time by ryu19
Ivy/Harley. Ivy and Harley bodyswapped. Ivy finally decides to make a move on her partner in crime.
- FILL: Different by rijsg
- FILL: Inside Out by salmon_pink
Harley/Ivy/Selina/Zatanna. The Sirens capture Zatanna, making her their pet. However, Selina and Harley develop feelings for her.
- FILL: Control by rijsg
Harley/Ivy. Exhibitionism, they combine their love of sex and pissing off Batman by having sex somewhere he'll see.
- FILL: The Signal by ryu19
Wonder Woman/Catwoman. Selina's always hated being held down, but Wonder Woman pinning her turns her on.
- FILL: Held Down by ryu19
Kate Kane/Cass Cain. The night is their stage and violence is their tango.
- FILL: Teaching by ryu19
Helena/Renee. Fighting as foreplay, there's nothing like a bar brawl to get the adrenaline pumping.
- FILL: Catharsis by rijsg
Kate Kane/Renee Montoya. Renee puts on the Batwoman suit. Kate promptly loses her mind!
- FILL: Costume Play by ryu19
Harley/Ivy. No one can resist Ivy, except the one person she loves. Ivy needs to find other ways to make Harley stay.
- FILL: I Missed You by ryu19
Selina/Harley/Ivy. Harley introduces food sex and likes Ivy and Selina's chubbier bodies, wanting to see them bigger.
- FILL: Perspective by batmaster
Any pairing. Assplay. Any pairing, fingering or rimming or toys, anything.
- FILL: Girl's Got Rhythm by slytherinblack
Harley Quinn/Starling. Harley checks up on the Birds to make sure they're treating Ivy right. She and Ev end up 'bonding'.
- FILL: Trouble by ryu19
Kate/Renee. Roleplaying together, where it's Kate playing the cop and Renee playing the woman who catches her eye.
- FILL: Cops and Dames by ryu19
Selina/Dinah. How does Catwoman manage to make Dinah feel like prey every time their paths cross?
- FILL: Submissive Side by ryu19
Selina/Dinah. Selina finds a shrunken Dinah in her panties.
- FILL: Action Figures by batmaster
Zatanna/any. "Emoc rof em."
- FILL: Getting Things Going by ryu19
Zatanna/any. Hypnosis.
- FILL: Payback by ryu19
Helena Bertinelli/Dinah Lance/Renee Montoya. Strap-ons, double penetration.
- FILL: Helena's Favorite Things by rijsg
Lois Lane/Dinah Lance. Anything.
- FILL: A Normal Day by ryu19
Poison Ivy/Lois Lane. Lois Lane becomes Pamela's new love slave.
- FILL: Pets by ryu19
Any/any mind reader. She might deny that she's into girls, but she can't hide her desires from someone who can read her mind.
- FILL: Mind Reading by ryu19
Harley Quinn/Catwoman. Both are extremely agile and athletic. They come up with some creative ways to have sex.
- FILL: Flexible by ryu19
Kate Kane/any Bird. Batwoman and the Birds Of Prey work the same case. Chemistry between Kate and one (or more) Bird.
- FILL: No-Tell Hotel by rijsg
Huntress/any/Oracle. Huntress starts having lots of phone sex with her girlfriend(s), knowing that Oracle is listening.
- FILL: Like A Bug Under A Microscope by ryu19
Selina/any. Selina reminiscing sexing up her own personal harem. Sometimes it's nice to come home to her OWN bed.
- FILL: Decisions by rijsg
Catwoman/Zatanna. Selina isn't much for candy hearts and sweet nothings but can a confession and a little magic change that?
- FILL: Night on the Town by rijsg
Zatanna/any. Someone is badly injured. Zatanna heals her with sex magic.
- FILL: More Than Bandages by ryu19
Helena/Renee. Helena domming Renee. The harder and rougher the better. Bonus points for anal with a strap-on.
- FILL: Helena's Renee by ryu19
Poison Ivy/Kate Kane. Picture prompt, plant bondage.
- FILL: Vines by rijsg
Poison Ivy/Starling. They find each other insufferable. Fortunately, hatesex solves all problems.
- FILL: Hate You by ryu19
Starling/any. Starling talks woman of filler's choice into having sex in public.
- FILL: Eating Out by anon
Miss Martian/any. Tentacles, either solo or with any other DCU lady, MM uses her shapeshifting powers to spice up sex.
- FILL: Green Fingered by salmon_pink
Power Girl/Huntress/Wonder Woman/Black Canary/Starling/Poison Ivy. Strip poker, a Super Gal's night in gets out of hand.
- FILL: Strip Poker by anon
Huntress/Black Canary. Bondage. Don't care who doms. Just want this.
- FILL: Order by rijsg
Any. Their first magical night together as a married couple. Wedding dresses and bridal lingerie and the whole nine yards.
- FILL: First Time by ryu19
Vicki Vale/Sasha Bordeaux. Vicki is getting a little nosy. Sasha has to run interference, using whatever means necessary.
- FILL: Keeping Her Busy by waynetech
Catwoman/the Carpenter. Selina commissions the Carpenter to make her a new bed. The Carpenter helps her break it in.
- FILL: Catwoman and The Carpenter by ryu19
Harley/Ivy. BDSM. Harley domming the hell out of Ivy. Bonus points for using her shrink skills to psychologically dominate her too.
- FILL: BDSM Harley Quinn Style by ryu19
Batgirl/Wonder Woman. Diana is an inspiration for young heroines. When Steph meets her idol, she just can't contain herself.
- FILL: Better than an autograph by anon
Renee/Kate. Kate and Renee aren't very domestic, but one of them decides to cook for their girlfriend. It doesn't exactly pan out.
- FILL: Cooking by ryu19
Wonder Woman/Catwoman. Selina can't quite reconcile her desire for freedom with her overriding love for Diana.
- FILL: Surrender by batmaster
Harley/Selina. Selina starts to notice her body's odd reactions whenever Harley pets her. She goes to Zatanna for help.
- FILL: Love? by anon
Ivy/any. Plant bondage, vine tentacles.
- FILL: Captivate rijsg
Huntress/Black Canary. Multiple orgasms, leaving both of them exhausted. Bonus points if it's a "who can last longest" contest.
- FILL: Holding On by ryu19
Barbara/Selina. Barbara has to look after an injured Selina, who is not used to depending on others.
- FILL: Making Up by ryu19
Huntress/Black Canary/Batwoman. Huntress and Black Canary argue over whose costume is sexier. Kate's an impartial judge.
- FILL: Obvious by anon
Harley/Sirens. Arkham City, how do the Sirens react to Harley's pregnancy? What happens when her water breaks?
- FILL: Harley's Pregnancy by ryu19
Selina/Harley. Strap-on, doggystylin' with Selina using Harley's pigtails to grasp a hold of for the rough pounding.
- FILL: Pigtails by ryu19
Catwoman/any. Woman of filler's choice talks Selina into wearing cat ears and a cat tail butt plug.
- FILL: The Power of Please by batmaster
Selina/Harley/Ivy. The Sirens decide to take a lady's day and waltz in to the ritziest spa in the city.
- FILL: Muddy Kitty by ryu19
Selina/any. AU, Selina is The Cat Woman, the main attraction at Gotham's seediest "Gentlemen's Club".
- FILL: Strip Surprise by ryu19
- FILL: Moll by rijsg
Harley/Wonder Woman. During a fight, Harley's mallet knocks out Wonder Woman. When she wakes up, Diana's in love with Harley.
- FILL: Mallet by waynetech
Any. Any heroine takes a second job as a call girl to pay bills. One night someone recognizes her voice.
- FILL: Call Me by ryu19
Any. Women seeking women: personals ads for as many DC women as possible. The more hilarious, the better!
- FILL: Women Seeking Women by ryu19
Any. Someone has a secret fantasy of princesses, castles and knights. Their partner makes that dream come true.
- FILL: Princess Harley and Her Knight by ryu19
Diana/Kara/Cassie. Diana spanks one while the other watches. The lasso of truth makes the other admit her dirtiest fantasies.
- FILL: Bad Young Women Getting Punished by ryu19
Kara/any. Kara is a closeted lesbian and uses her x-ray vision to spy on someone masturbating. When caught, she's invited in.
- FILL: Spy vs Spy by anon
Cass/Steph. Back when Steph was Robin: Cass's first time, Steph's first time with a girl. Shy, sweet and hot.
- FILL: Only You by ryu19
Barbara/any. When a DC heroine is left permanently paralyzed, Babs teaches her she can still have a sex life.
- FILL: Comforting Selina by ryu19
Selina/Diana. On their wedding day, a spell by Circe causes Diana to speak with a lisp. Can she deliver her vows?
- FILL: Mawwage by batmaster
Jeanette/Wonder Woman. Wondy realises she enjoys being a sub and goes to Jeanette, a professional dominatrix.
- FILL: Mistress by rijsg
Any. Scorching Gotham summers don't mesh well with leather. Any stripping down because of the heat.
- FILL: Babs and The Heatwave by ryu19
- FILL: Sunrise by rijsg
Diana/Harley/Ivy/Selina/Zatanna. Angry sex, it starts with a slap and progresses from there.
- FILL: Angry Sex by batmaster
Selina/Zatanna/Harley/Ivy. Zatanna finds herself spending more and more time with the Sirens, loving each one equally.
- FILL: Sunday by batmaster
Any. Somebody thinks somebody is acting like a spoiled brat, and decides to administer corrective procedures.
- FILL: Babs the Brat by ryu19
Diana/Cassie. Amazon lesbian ritual initiation sex! Cassie has her first time making her a full Amazon, Diana is her "tutor".
- FILL: Ascension by ryu19
Ivy/Oracle. Ivy breaks into Babs's tower, binds her with vines and uses sex pollen to make Oracle beg to be fucked.
- FILL: Ivy's Flower by ryu19
Starfire/Cassie. Cassie sneaks off at night to enjoy having the Teen Titans jacuzzi naked. Kory joins her.
- FILL: Relaxing by eternal_moonie
Selina/Kate. Kate wants to be punished, Selina has ropes and a whip.
- FILL: Punishing Kate by ryu19
Selina/any. Somebody dresses up in a sexy kitty costume for Selina.
- FILL: Selina's Own Catgirl by ryu19
Diana/Renee. Submission, Diana is surprised by her lover's softer side one evening.
- FILL: Painkiller by rijsg
Helena/Zatanna. Zatanna's always admired Helena's rear end. Maybe, thanks to some magic, she'll get to play with it.
- FILL: Call Me by rijsg
Harley/Babs. Harley breaking Babs using sex instead of torture as well as drugging and brainwashing.
- FILL: Goldi Locks by batmaster
Kate/Renee Montoya. Kate can't get enough of Renee's accent.
- FILL: Accent by ryu19
Kate Kane/any. Batwoman's costume looks painted on. Someone discovers that it really is or dares her to do it on patrol.
- FILL: Dare by ryu19
Renee/Zatanna. Renee doesn't believe Zatanna is magic. A journey through Zatanna's hat changes her mind.
- FILL: Magic by rijsg
Harley/Steph. With Steph as Harley's captive. Steph wonders aloud why Harley keeps calling her 'Goldi-Locks'.
- FILL: Goldi-Locks by ryu19
Batwoman/Batgirl. Kate tries to convince Stephanie to wear green panties and elf boots and go on patrol with her.
- FILL: If The Panties Fit by ryu19
Starling/Batgirl. Dinah's old girlfriend meets her new one. Things don't go smoothly.
- FILL: Thanks For Not Killing Each Other by ryu19
Cass/Steph. Cassandra doesn't quite understand her feelings towards Stephanie and goes to Alfred for advice.
- FILL: Young Love by rijsg
Poison Ivy/any heroine. Ivy enthralls a heroine who's been a thorn in her side and makes her wear sex toys in public.
- FILL: Ivy's Thrall by ryu19
Alice/Kate Kane. Alice has her wicked way with her sister. Kate is either tied up or drugged and hallucinating.
- FILL: Reunion by rijsg
Zatanna/Bunny. As Zatanna's temporary assistant, Bunny is willing to please Zatanna in every way possible, onstage and off.
- FILL: Zatanna's New Assistant by ryu19
Any. All the DC women that the filler wants are at a Turkish bathhouse.
- FILL: Turkish Bathhouse by ryu19
- FILL: Feels like home by anon
Zatanna/Mikey. Mikey may not have magical abilities but her callused hands can soothe even Zatanna's troubled love life.
- FILL: Afterparty by rijsg
Renee/Helena. Helena helps her through it when Renee explains her desire for revenge and that she couldn't do it.
- FILL: Nightmare by rijsg
Zatanna/any. Madame Xanadu says she's seen the future, and it hinges on Zatanna seducing all the other DCU women.
- FILL: Zatanna's Destiny by ryu19
Helena/Zatanna. Zatanna casts a spell to make Dinah feel everything Helena does, and then she fucks Helena hard.
- FILL: Sensational Payback by ryu19
Birds/any. Someone going to the Birds for help finds Dinah bent over a table and being fucked by Helena and Zinda.
- FILL: Pressing Matters by ryu19
Dinah/Starling. Starling comes to her apartment one night to find Dinah in a dominatrix outfit, whip in hand.
- FILL: Accepting by ryu19
Selina/Talia. Selina tries to steal from the Al Ghul family, Talia intercepts her and is sweeter than Selina expected.
- FILL: The Most Loathsome List by ryu19
Huntress/Black Canary. Dinah shows Helena all the fun things she learned during her vacation on Paradise Island.
- FILL: Tricks by ryu19
Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli. They decide to see how many times they can have sex in one day.
- FILL: Sexcapades by ryu19
Zatanna/any. After a performance in Vegas, Zatanna and her girlfriend celebrate a little too much at the afterparty.
- FILL: Afterparty Hard by ryu19
Helena/Renee/Dinah. Renee and Dinah find Helena wearing the Question's fedora and a pair of Dinah's fishnets.
- FILL: Crime and Punishment by rijsg
Harley/Zatanna. Zatanna gives in to Harley's request for a night of sex with no magic on her part.
- FILL: Abracadamnher by salmon_pink
Renee/Kate Kane. Long after their breakup, they get drunk. They wake up in bed with no memory of what happened.
- FILL: A Few Too Many by rijsg
Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli. They go on a date. Fluffy or sexy or outright smutty.
- FILL: Bucking by ryu19
Aisha al-Fadhil/Kate Spencer. The Losers crossover, the violent fight was a misunderstanding. The violent sex, not so much.
- FILL: A Long Night by rijsg
Starling/Lois Lane. Lois catches Starling breaking into the Daily Planet. She convinces Ev to allow an interview.
- FILL: Q and A by waynetech
Oracle/other Birds. Oracle has cameras set up in all the Birds' rooms to watch them masturbate and have sex.
- FILL: Spying by ryu19
Rose Wilson/Cassie Sandsmark. Rose catches Cassie masturbating and decides to help her. Angry sex follows.
- FILL: Caught by eternal_moonie
Supergirl/Wonder Woman. Diana catches Supergirl and Batgirl having sex, makes Batgirl leave, and punishes Supergirl.
- FILL: Punishment by anon
Wonder Girl/Wonder Woman, Lois Lane/Wonder Woman, Supergirl/Wonder Woman. Diana has three good nights in a row.
- FILL: Untitled (WIP) by anon
Supergirl/Terra, Lois Lane/Power Girl. Terra saves a captured Supergirl. Meanwhile, Lois Lane interviews Power Girl.
- FILL: In-depth Reporting by anon
Wonder Woman/Ms Marvel. Wonder Woman meets Ms Marvel and they go around the town, then sex.
- FILL: Familiar by anon
Oracle/any Bird. Oracle's girlfriend asks Oracle be the "bottom" in BDSM. She slowly realizes that she's in over her head.
- FILL: Untitled by ryu19
Oracle/Birds. The Birds decide to show Babs their appreciation with exotic relaxation techniques!
- FILL: Untitled by ryu19
Kate Kane/Stephanie Brown. Rough, hard, dominant sex where Kate takes Steph with a strap-on.
- FILL: Wounds by batmaster
Steph/Cass. Stephs' tired of saying all the "I love you"s. She walks out. Can Cass find a way to say those three words?
- FILL: Say it! by ryu19
Batwoman/Barbara/Steph/Cass Cain. I don't care why or how, just make it happen!
- FILL: Bats by ryu19
Any. Shower sex.
- FILL: Shower sex by ryu19
Renee/Helena. Renee comes home to find Helena waiting for her in a corset, some thigh-highs, and a strap-on.
- FILL: Surprise by ryu19
Kara/Cass/Steph/Babs. Kara can't decide which Batgirl she likes best. They decide to share.
- FILL: Seeing Triple by ryu19
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Talia/any. Talia turns her attentions from Bruce instead to a lady she deems just as deserving.
- FILL: Angels and Demons by rijsg
Zatanna/Catwoman. Hatesex. Vicious, venomous hatesex.
- FILL: hatesex by ryu19
Diana/any. Wonder Woman world tour, getting into lots and lots of sexy shenanigans across the DCU.
- FILL: Grounded by rijsg
- FILL: Wonder Woman World Tour by ryu19
- FILL: Beautiful by anon
Cass Cain/Steph. Cass is stuck in bed with a foot injury. Fortunately, Steph is a very good distraction.
- FILL: Footloose by salmon_pink
Harley/Selina. Selina finds herself entranced by the way Harley's costume shows off her rear end.
- FILL: Assailed by salmon_pink
Catwoman/Wonder Girl. They're both trying to steal the same thing. They fight, leading to other things.
- FILL: Honor among thieves.... or something. by anon
Harley/Ivy. Harley still sleeps with a lot of stuffed animals in the bed. Ivy will just have to adjust.
- FILL: Untitled by ryu19
Kara/Stephanie. As a joke, Kara gives Stephanie a bra with a bat on it for her birthday.
- FILL: Happy Birthday by batmaster
Kara/Steph or Cassie. Kara is straight, but infected with pink kryptonite. She hits on Steph or Cassie.
- FILL: Bi-curious Blues by batmaster

Bonus Fills
Sometimes spam/misfire comments happen. Sometimes spam comments inspire fills.
New bonus fills will be marked with a
for one week.

this meme dead?
- FILL: Still Alive by rijsg

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