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02 December 2011 @ 09:01 pm
Prompt Masterlist - The Robincest Meme  
The Robincest Meme
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The Robincest Meme
Unfilled Prompts
Listed in chronological order. Recreated here as summaries - click to see the full prompt.
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for one week.

Jason/Damian. Jason flirts shamelessly with Damian but won't touch him until Damian turns 18, leaving Damian frustrated.
Steph, Damian. Damian has never heard of the Muppets, Steph resolves to take him to see the new movie.
Dick/Tim. AU, Tim is closer to Dick's age. Nightwing goes to confront Tim about his stalking and is attracted to him.
Jason/Tim. Tim takes Jason up on his "Be my Robin, Tim" offer in Battle Of The Cowl.
Robin pile. The Robins swapping costumes. Bonus points for leering at whoever ends up in Steph's skirt or the shortpants.
Jason/Steph. Steph likes Jason, he knows this. When Steph bursts into his room but seems unsure, Jason takes the initiative.
Dick/Steph. He can see Babs in her smile, and Kory in her passion, but her joy is all her own.
Steph/Carrie. Steph and Carrie bonding. Discussing the finer points of Bat-handling, or teaming up, or there's drama.
Dick/Jason. Jason never actually died, he eventually becomes Red Robin and teams up with Nightwing.
Jason/Tim. They've never made love in a bed before, with real foreplay, and so far? It's not going so well.
Dick/Tim. Toonverse, set after the flashbacks in Return Of The Joker, Dick is determined to get Tim back to himself.
Dick/Jason. No one will keep me from loving my brother (not even my brother).
Dick/Steph. Steph paired with 1960s!Dick.
All Robins. Interpret all the Robins as they would've appeared in 1960s Batman.
Damian/Carrie. When Damian meets his father, Carrie is in his rightful place. He doesn't take it well.
All Robins. The Robins are a study group at Gotham University.
Dick/Steph. Steph's curious about the first Robin costume. Only Dick can explain the pixy boots and scally green undies.
Jason/Steph. Steph and Jason meet, either before or during his tenure as Robin.
All Robins. Six times a Robin became Batman.
Damian/Dick. Damian's extremely possessive of Dick, but Dick thinks it's just a phase. It isn't.
Damian/Dick. Dick gets hit with sex pollen, Damian puts his shiny new vibrator to good use.
Tim/Dick. Dick teaches Tim how to top him, Tim takes to it a little too well, and possessive Stalker!Tim rears his head.
Dick/Damian. Damian dares Dick to not speak a single word for an extended period of time.
Dick/Jason. Pre-Crisis, Dick felt guilty for getting Jason's parents killed, so instead of Bruce it's Dick who adopts Jason.
Tim/Dick. Tim captures Dick one night and puts his photography skills to good use.
Dick/Tim. Something with the dynamic from the time Dick took Tim blindfolded train surfing.
Tim/Steph. It was Tim's idea that Steph become Robin. As such, things go smoother.
Jason/Steph. Chaotic goods meet, they're two sides of the same coin.
Jason/Dick. Their sex is aggressive and violent, but both are getting exactly what they want from it.
Jason/Steph+Tim. Consensual voyeurism, Tim is the stalker Robin, Jason and Steph like to put on a show.
Dick/Damian. Young!Dick meets Damian.
Dick/Jason/Tim/Damian. Playing a game of truth or dare together with increasingly sexual dares/questions.
Jason/Tim. Tim finds Jason living in the streets during No Man's Land. Jason has little to no memories from his past.
Damian/Dick. One-sided, with Damian crushing on Dick. He wants Dick to see him as his equal and dating material.
Damian/Dick. Damian won't stand for Talia's attempts to seduce Dick. Because Grayson is his.
Jason/Tim. Jason talking dirty to Tim, just to see the uptight 'replacement' unravel.
All Robins. Sucker Punch AU, Tim (Babydoll) is sent to a mental institution after being accused of killing his father.
Dick/Steph. Based on Steph's dream of being Nightwing in Batgirl 24, an exploration of how that came to be.
Dick/Tim/Dick. Picture prompt, overwhelmed Tim caught between DCU!Nightwing and DCnU!Nightwing.
Damian. On an undercover mission Damian has to pretend to be nice. The Robins attempt to help him.
Dick/Damian. Non-con, Bruce rapes the Robins as an initiation rite. Now Dick is Batman, does he continue the tradition?
Tim/Steph. The Dazzling Deathdyer is at it again! Can Robin and Spoiler stop him before his evil plan runs amok?
Tim, Carrie. Batman and Robin - he doesn't ask her to join him, but she won't stop going out as Robin anyways.
All Robins. Star Wars AU, Bru Wayne is one of the few surviving Jedi. He and his recruits wage war on the Empire.
Damian, Dick, Steph. How did Damian and Dick react to Cluemaster's actions in Batgirl 24?
Steph/Damian. Steph's given up on dating Robins, but somehow she didn't quite see Damian coming.
All Robins. One time all the Robins saved the world.
Jason. The other Robins realize they were wrong for the way they've treated Jason.
Dick/Damian. Dick and Damian don't advertise their relationship, but then Tim walks in on them together.
All Robins. Dollhouse AU, the Robins are all Dolls, bonus for them all remembering each other even in the Doll state.
Dick/Jay/Tim/Damian. Damian is about to find out about the bond between Robins when they bring him into their bed.
Any Robin/older!Damian. Damian is still ten years old and Robin, damn it. He's not almost twenty now and fucking gorgeous.
Dick/Any male Robin. Ass worship. Let's show Dick's ass the admiration it deserves.
Tim/Any Robin. At a Wayne event, someone is teasing Tim all night, getting him hot and bothered, resulting in hard sex.
Jason/Tim. Tim is sick and exhausted. Jason finds out, barges in and starts taking care of him against Tim's will.
Jason/Any Robin. Jason is turned on by being slapped and shares this with his lover. He gets what he asked for.
Jason/Dick. Jason thinks Dick's ass would be even more magnificent if Dick were to put on some high heels.
Jason/Tim. Whenever Tim goes to take a shower, Jason just has to join him, and they get anything but clean.
Jason/Dick/Damian/Tim. The time where the Robins spent the night together. And things got steamy.
Any Robin/Dick. Any Robin admiring/taking advantage of Dick’s flexibility.
Dick/Jason. Dick realises Jason rarely indulges in sex, so he tops Jason, making him feel confident and worth it.
Jason/Dick. They have a 'with benefits' thing, but are constantly fighting to dominate the other, usually ending in a draw.
Damian/Tim. In his late teens, Damian still antagonizes Tim, but now it's to hide his feelings for Drake.
Jason/Tim. "If he couldn't keep his head above water, he'd have to bring the oxygen to him."
Tim/Dick. Tim subtly perving on Dick. Up to anon if Dick's oblivious or if he's totally aware of it.
Jason/Dick. Picture prompt, after Bruce's memorial service Dick goes to Jason to give him the excuse he needs to fall apart.
Any Robins. Robins in the snow! Making snowmen, patrolling in snow, warming up by the fire, or an epic snowball fight.
Dick/Jason. Dick and Jason are de-aged to their mid-teens. Cue Tim, Steph and Damian trying to deal with two hormonal Robins.
All Robins. Damian is forced listen to the other Robins discuss what type of women's lingerie best shows off their assets.
All Robins. The older Robins discuss bondage situations and prepare Damian on how to get out of ropes.
Tim, Damian. Tim and Damian have to pretend to be captured which leads to strange, awkward bonding time.
Dick, Damian. Dick gets so caught up in work that the only thing that shocks him out of it is Damian saying Calm Yo Tits.
Dick/Jason. Jason singing, maybe at a bar would be hot, Dick could be a patron, with Jason as the entertainer.
Dick/Jason. BDSM, "I'm addicted to your punishments, you're the master, and I am craving this disaster."
Jason Todd/Dick Grayson. Shiny black PVC clothing.
Damian/Steph. "Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident."
Damian/Steph. Let's Keep It Between Us.
Dick/Jason. "I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world."
Dick/Jason. Pre-'A Death in the Family' Dick attempts to make Jason a birthday cake with... unexpected results.
Jason Todd/any Robin. "The One with the Free Porn."
Dick/Jason(/Damian). Transported to the Batman #666 future where Damian is Batman with no way home.
Steph/Damian. Song prompt, "Let me show you girl, that I know wrong from right..."
Steph/Damian. "Do I run hotter than the last Red Robin?" (Futurefic, or just more Batfamily identity-swapping.)
Steph/Damian. I've got to stop sleeping with short guys. They always turn into stage 5 clingers.
Dick/Jason. He's pretty sure about 80% of the stupid shit Jason does nowadays is specifically to get a reaction out of him.
All Robins. The birds together as a family. Action or leisure, I just want a toothache from the happy fluff (some snark expected).
Dick/Jason. Dick Grayson is the one to find Jason when he comes back from the dead and lives on the streets.
Dick/Jason. Dick hears screams and finds Jason who just woke up from a night terrors. Fluff, bonding, H/C with some angst.
Dick/Jason. "Are you going to explain why you are wearing my clothes?" Jason trying to be bamf while he's embarrassed.
Dick, Damian. Anything relating Dick and Damian to Mew and Mewtwo. Pokemon AU, watching the movie together, anything.
Tim. Tim's Robin outfits keep disappearing on him - into the multiverse! They're being used by Robins of other Earths.
All Robins. The Robin all cease their feuds to celebrate Batman Day! Arts and craft fun time!
Dick/Jason. Dick asking Jason to be Robin to his Batman (in bed).
Dick/Damian or Steph/Damian. Of age Damian, something where Damian isn't the one to make the first move.
Dick/Jason. Dick, as Renegade, coming across Jason, and teaming up to try to regain some control over their lives.
Dick/Jason. Drunk phonecall based on provided dialogue, extra love if Jay cries and Dick comforts.
Jason/Dick. Dick wants Jason to try bottoming. Jason does not want to. Dick gently persuades Jason.
Dick/Jason. AU, Jason is the family's rebellious household slave, Dick is immediately attracted to him.
Any/Dick. Hurt/comfort. Sex is a bonus. A sting gone wrong? Hit by the flu? Creepy wrong/dark/twisted.
Tim/Steph/Kon. Domestic Kon/Tim/Stephanie because Tim loves them both.
Any. One or more Robins having a wardrobe malfunction, with other Robins reacting.
Damian/Steph. A scene from Robin 111, rewritten with Damian instead of Tim.
Tim/Damian. Tim wants Damian in a skirt. When Damian refuses to step out of his closet so Tim can see, they have sex inside.
Steph, Damian. Let's have some good old bodyswap fic. Can be shipping if you're so inclined. Feel free to include others.
Tim/any. Tim gets the ability to change gender at will. He's uptight about sex but his new ability makes him burn for it.
Batman!Damian, Robins. Someone pulls Damian!Batman from the future and 4 Robins from the past.
Dick/Jason. Jason finds out he's really a clone of Dick. Cue clone angst on both sides and comfort and acceptance.
Dick/Jason. When Jason was Robin, Dick got brainwashed by Brother Blood. He still has parts of the programming.
All Robins. There's a ghost possessing Jason's memorial case in the Batcave! The Robins need to figure out the mystery!
All Robins. The Robins interacting as dogs, or a universe where Batman adopts dogs to help him fight crime.
Dick/Jason. DCnU AU, Dick became a Talon, Jason the first Robin then Nightwing. Talon!Dick kidnaps Jason, smut happens.
Dick/Damian. Damian's been saving his virginity for the man he loves. On his 18th birthday, he seduces Dick.
Any Robin/Tim. Tim's in disguise and can't break character. He and another Robin flirt but can't let on they know each other.
Dick/Tim/Jason. Double penetration.
Jason/Dick or Jason/Tim. Lyric inspired prompt: It ain't love, it's just like nicotine....
Dick, Jason. While working undercover in Bludhaven, Dick discovers Jason involved in a BDSM scene.
All Robins. What kind of book would each Robin be holding if they were caught reading something?
Any Robins. Any combination of Robins watching movies from the Marvel cinematic universe.
Dick/Jason. The alternative evil future Dick called Deathwing and Tentacle!Jason from when he 'substituted' as Nightwing.
Any Robin pairing. Any Robin watching another Robin masturbating.
Damian/Tim. Older!Damian takes advantage of his ability to perfectly mimic voices to drive Tim crazy in bed.
Damian/Helena Wayne. Puberty wallops Damian over the head with an unhealthy fascination with his half-sister Helena.
Any Robin pairing. Any Robin goes out with toys/sex accessories under their uniform for the enjoyment of another Robin.
Blake, Damian. TDKR SPOILERS and speculation. 10 years down the road, Blake is Batman, Damian shows up.
Jason, Dick. What if at the end of Battle for the Cowl, Jason did take Dick's offer to help him? Fluff and bonding.
Dick/Jason. Bruce watches.
Dick, Jason. They're captured investigating a case involving illegal fights and are forced to fight each other to survive.
Dick/Jason. Dick needs a Bat-operative for a socialite party as his date, Jason gets to crossdress for justice.
Damian, Jason. Damian meets Robin!Jason, they bond and Damian begrudgingly accepts that Todd was an okay Robin.
Jason, any Robin. Jason's birthday is on the 16th of August. Anything with Jason celebrating.
Dick, any Robin. Dick can get vicious, frustrated, and cruel at times. Anything focused on Dick's darker side.
Steph, any Robins. Cross-dressing, Stephanie has to go undercover to put an end to an illegal boys fighting ring.
Tim, any Robins. Tim's bachelor party - drunk karaoke, dancing on bars, fights, the works.
Dick/Tim. Tim gets whammied with sex pollen. Dick's left with an armful of squirming, gasping, writhing, desperate little brother.
Steph/any Robins. Steph's Robin harem.
Any Robins. The Malone family, Matches and his little brood of hellions.
Dick/Tim. Doctor Who crossover, Tim is the Doctor's occassional companion, Dick finds out and is jealous.
Jason/Tim. Jason has fabulous thighs. Tim being fixated and those thighs being used for something spectacular.
Jason/Dick. Something based on Katy Perry's In Another Life lyrics.
Jason/Damian or Tim. Sub!Jason, while gathering intel on a prostitution ring, Jason ends up cross dressing.

The Robincest Meme
Filled Prompts
Listed in chronological order of prompts, then (in the case of multiple fills) chronological order of fills.
New fills will be marked with a
for one week.
Updated WIPs will be marked with a
for one week.

Dick/Jason. When Jason is resurrected, Dick is the one to find him and take care of him instead of Talia.
- FILL: Try and Leave the Night (WIP) by Lukalyn
Dick/Tim. Dick admits he's in love with Tim and couldn't be his boss, so he made Damian Robin instead. Tim overhears.
- FILL: Hearts Out to Dry by anon
Dick/Tim. After Infinite Crisis, Dick wants to comfort Tim. He doesn't know what to do when Tim kisses him.
- FILL: Untitled by sasuhiroki
Dick/Jason/Tim/Damian. Camping out with your brothers - a time to bond, to vent, and to appreciate.
- FILL: To Batman by usmc75
Tim/Steph. Steph wearing Nightwing's costume, be it future!Steph, a trick, roleplaying, whatever, Tim's mind is blown.
- FILL: Art fill by anon
- FILL: When I Touch You… by abbyromana
Steph/Damian. She's always teased that when Damian's 18 he can beg for a date, but now she really wants him to ask her.
- FILL: Four Times Steph Promised Damian He Could Ask Her Out and One Time He Finally Did by slytherinblack
Any Robin pairing. One of the Robins is convinced to go out wearing extremely sexy underwear beneath their uniform.
- FILL: Panties and Patrol by saphire_dance
Dick/Tim. Spanking, inspired by the canon quote "you're not too big to spank".
- FILL: A Bird In Hand by salmon_pink
Jason/Dick. Dick from the animated Young Justice, through inter-dimensional travel or through Jason being the brother.
- FILL: Brothers by usmc75
Jason/Tim. Dick and Damian play matchmaker, finally deciding to dress Tim in lingerie and lock him and Jason in a closet.
- FILL: The Closeted by avanalae
Dick/Damian. A Sins Of Youth-style age swap leaves Dick as Robin again and Damian as an inexperienced Batman.
- FILL: Sins of Youth by anon
Any Robin pairing. Two or more Robins get attacked by a tentacle monster whilst patrolling.
- FILL: Steph/Amorous Tentacle Beast by anon
Jason/Any Robin. The reason Jason came back from the dead is an old wound as Robin has left him a vampire.
- FILL: The True Thinness of Blood by Miss Synph
Jason/Tim. Tim riding Jason. Hard.
- FILL: ride 'em cowboy ;)) by anon
Dick/Damian. The first time Dick convinces (or tries to convince) Damian to dress up as a girl to go undercover.
- FILL: Because of You by yournuke
Tim/Damian. Damian sees Tim being bullied for being gay, and cannot accept someone other than him insulting Tim.
- FILL: Not what I meant by usmc75
Dick, Damian. Damian gets Dick the best birthday present money can't buy - a coupon for 1 free cuddle.
- FILL: Cuddle Coupon by def467kink
Any Robin/Tim. Any Robin fingering Tim until he comes. No other stimulation, just the fingering.
- FILL: Untitled by slytherinblack
Any Robin pairing. The perfect Christmas present is a gift wrapped Robin.
- FILL: The Gift That Keeps On Giving by salmon_pink
Damian. Damian discovers his father has been murdered by an ally. Which Robin does he suspect or trust most?
- FILL: Betrayel by baichan
Dick/Jason. Jason gets hit by the non-lethal new nightmare drug from Scarecrow, Dick looks after him through it.
- FILL: Salvage Project by phyllomania
Jason, Tim. Five times Tim thought about what Jason would do before leaping into action. Shippy or brotherly.
- FILL: 5 Times - Ghost by ginnythegreat
Damian/Dick. 5 times Damian unsuccessfully tried to flirt/seduce/hit on Dick, and 1 time it worked.
- FILL: Five Times Damian Hit On Dick and One Very Happy Birthday by slytherinblack
Jason/Tim. Jason manages to convince Tim to dress in something feminine and erotic.
- FILL: "You look good, babybird." by saphire_dance
Dick/Damian. Damian's jealous and wants Dick to pay attention to HIM. Especially when Dick's on the phone with Tim.
- FILL: Familiar Tendancies by yournuke
All Robins. The Robins find copies of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and decide to have a movie night.
- FILL: No Robin by anon
Jason/Tim. Sex pollen.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Jason/Tim. Barebacking. Tim really, really likes it when Jason comes inside him.
- FILL: What a mess by anon
- FILL: Untitled Porn by anon
Steph/Jason. Steph pegging Jason, fucking him hard and fast with a strap-on.
- FILL: Hands, Knees, Eggplant by salmon_pink
Tim/Dick. Tim ending up with the original Nightwing suit somehow and getting a little carried away as he admires it!
- FILL: Marred And Feathered by salmon_pink
Jason, Tim, Dick. Awake, Jason despises them. In his dreams, he wishes he could make them understand.
- FILL: Dream of A Robin's Egg by anon
Jason/any. "Gonna make you cry for me."
- FILL: Plead the Fifth by kuyeng_thl
Dick/Tim. Tim gets suspicious glances for wearing Dick's Hudson University shirt in the mornings.
- FILL: Eyes Open by ginnythegreat
Jason/Tim. Tim is captured by the Joker. Nobody's expecting Jason to freak out and charge the Joker's hideout alone.
- FILL: Richest Man in the Room by anon
Dick/Jason. Jason is caught by the Joker again, and the race is on. Dick tries to reach Jason in time before the clown breaks him.
- FILL: Abnegation (WIP) by phyllomania
Dick/Damian, Dick/Tim. Tim confronts Damian about how to deal with an unrequited crush on Dick Grayson (he's been there.)
- FILL: Tonight I Sleep on a Bed of Nails by slytherinblack
Jason, Dick. Jason makes a wish that it was Dick killed by the Joker. He learns this causes Bruce to murder the Joker.
- FILL: Sucks to be Right by anon
Tim/Damian. Older Damian in the green Robin panties. Tim is mortified to discover this is one of the hottest things ever.
- FILL: Taste The Green by salmon_pink
All Robins. One of the Robins finds a hurt robin. Somehow all the other Robins get involved with taking care of the bird.
- FILL: Robin and the Robins by anon
Dick/Jason. Dick wakes up without his memory and Jason unexpectedly discovers he likes him much better this way.
- FILL: Contest by anon
All Robins. The Robins become mindlinked to each other. It's intrusive, awkward, embarrassing and...kind of nice, actually.
- FILL: Try Me by kuyeng_thl
Dick/Jason. When Jason returns to Gotham, Bruce is already dead. Dick is now Batman and Jason trolls him as Red Hood.
- FILL: Birds are Singing in the Sky by Ruein
Tim/Damian. Damian taunts Tim about putting him in his place during sex, Tim proceeds to top from the bottom.
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Jason/Dick/Tim. Dick gets hit with sex pollen. Tim's freaking out. Jason settles back to enjoy the show.
- FILL: Action by kuyeng_thl
Dick/all. All the Robins have a secret they will never share - a well-loved Nightwing plushie.
- FILL: My Own Little 'Wing by anon
Jason/Tim. Jason giving Tim an enthusiastic and sloppy blowjob, Jason being very much in control, driving Tim crazy.
- FILL: Sloppy by misssynph
Damian/Dick, Damian/Steph. Damian knows it's a bad idea to date Dick and Steph at the same time. But how is he supposed to choose?
- FILL: Untitled by anon
Jason/Dick or Jason/Tim. Jason convincing Tim or Dick to join him in his crusade.
- FILL: Prove It by frozen-water-droplet
Any Robins. Five times a Robin walked in on another Robin (or Robins) at an awkward time.
- FILL: Awkward Moments, Take Five by somehowunbroken
Jason, any Robin. Somehow younger Jason from his Robin days is thrown into the future. Him interacting with any Robin.
- FILL: Drabble 1 by anon
Damian, Dick, Jason. AU, Damian loves his personal assassins, Talon!Dick and mute!Jason, somewhat like brothers, somewhat like pets.
- FILL: What We Leave Behind (Sometimes Finds Us) by somehowunbroken
Jason/Dick. Felching.
- FILL: Under My Sneered Lips by salmon_pink
Jason, Damian. AU, Talia has Jason raise Damian, believing him to be his son. Years later, they learn the truth.
- FILL: The End (WIP) by anon

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