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31 July 2015 @ 11:51 pm
The DCU-Memes Hub Post  
Welcome to DCU-Memes!

The DC Universe is a huge, sprawling canon that tends to be split into factions, and the fandom reflects this. There are fans of the Batfamily, Legion lovers, Wonder Woman worshippers, Booster groupies, people who go gaga for the Green Lanterns and countless more subsections of fandom. Some of these groups overlap, some are more self-contained.

Rather than start a meme that covers the entire DCU, this journal is devoted to providing smaller playgrounds.

A new prompt post will be introduced on a regular schedule that focuses on one particular theme. This may be a specific character, pairing/threesome, team, title/canon, or genre. People are encouraged to play in any posts that interest them, and each post will remain active, even when a new prompt post is opened.

So while this meme may just be getting started, please feel free to stick around. There may be something you’ll love just around the corner…

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(Anonymous) on June 4th, 2013 11:30 am (UTC)
motor coach plant escape good turn down forefather or civics
Twin Shadow: Bollywood Meets Mastroianni ELLE
Twin Shadow: Bollywood Meets MastroianniApril 25 9:03 AMby Lauren Houssin 0 Comments Photo: Twin Shadow Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr., gained instant credibility with his debut album Forget.  The record came out last year, on Terrible Records, the label run by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. The new wave-ish songs, which recall The Smiths and Billy Idol, revealed an artist who's not afraid of a musical adventure. Now, the New York-based musician has caught worldwide attention—and done so in style. Like many other music icons, he was quickly noticed for his great sartorial taste, and made it to Time Out's 2010 list of the best-dressed New Yorkers with a style he has described as "James Dean in Bollywood in the late '80s ." He was also one of Coachella's fashion highlights last weekend. ELLE caught up with the George Lewis Jr., who is currently on tour in the US and preparing for his second European tour, [url=http://english.ipp.ac.cn/coachoutlet365.html]coach outlet[/url] about his impressions on touring, ideas on fashion and how a classic black suit still goes a long way. ELLE: How would you describe your music ? George Lewis Jr.: Popular song and dance. ELLE: What's the best thing about being on the road ? GLJ: Playing the shows for the fans. ELLE: Which city are you in right now ? GLJ: San Francisco. ELLE: What's next ? GLJ: Disco. ELLE: Where has been your best gig so far ? GLJ: In Birmingham Alabama, the venue (The Bottle Tree) is super fun, the artist area is like a adult red neck playground, trailers and all, astro [url=http://english.ipp.ac.cn/coachoutlet365.html]coach outlet store[/url] turf lawn with plastic sun chairs. ELLE: A lot has been written about your great fashion sense. Is image important to you? GLJ: I just want to look good, [url=http://english.ipp.ac.cn/coachoutlet365.html]coach outlet store online[/url] and always wanted to my whole life. I never had the money to, so I'm working toward looking good all the time. ELLE: Does fashion influence your music? GLJ: It pushes me in my music, you could say it influences me. Other people's styles influence me as well. Nothing is more inspiring than looking at Marcello Mastroianni's black suit in La Dolce Vita. ELLE: Any other personalities you look up to style-wise? GLJ: Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. ELLE: Favorite outfit on stage? GLJ: Not sure...but I like my black leather jacket and my mesh yellow tank top. ELLE: Any plans for a second album when the tour is over? GLJ: I hope so... Tags: George Lewis Jr. Twin Shadow