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31 July 2015 @ 11:51 pm
The DCU-Memes Hub Post  
Welcome to DCU-Memes!

The DC Universe is a huge, sprawling canon that tends to be split into factions, and the fandom reflects this. There are fans of the Batfamily, Legion lovers, Wonder Woman worshippers, Booster groupies, people who go gaga for the Green Lanterns and countless more subsections of fandom. Some of these groups overlap, some are more self-contained.

Rather than start a meme that covers the entire DCU, this journal is devoted to providing smaller playgrounds.

A new prompt post will be introduced on a regular schedule that focuses on one particular theme. This may be a specific character, pairing/threesome, team, title/canon, or genre. People are encouraged to play in any posts that interest them, and each post will remain active, even when a new prompt post is opened.

So while this meme may just be getting started, please feel free to stick around. There may be something you’ll love just around the corner…

Current Memes

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Femslash MemeRobincest Meme
Arrow Family MemeDCU Villain Meme

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